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Looking Beyond the Old Piscean Illusion


March Energetics

Right from the start of the year the energy flow has been challenging us to look at what needs resolution so that we can come into greater alignment with the new foundational template for life. Now as we head into March we are already feeling the building energy of an important astrological configuration that will not be at full impact until April 22nd when Pluto, Jupiter, Uranus, and Mars will form a grand cross of opposing energies in the heavens. The effect of this planetary stand off will be an uncompromising insistence on change, which could temporarily feel rather like being in a pressure cooker with the heat turned up too high. Positive though this process is from a long-term perspective it might feel quite uncomfortable as we experience it in the moment, especially if we try to resist the direction of flow. Clearly this is not a situation that is going to go away anytime soon so it will be particularly important this month to find ways to ride the waves of these rather pushy energies to best advantage.

The Influence of Pisces

The prevailing planetary influence during the month of March comes to us from the constellation of Pisces represented in western astrology by the sign of the two fish apparently swimming in different directions yet connected together by a thread. As the last sign in the zodiacal year Pisces brings the energy of endings and beginnings to the fore. As we approach the end of any cycle in our lives there is often a heightened sense of needing to complete unfinished business and to release those things that we do not want to take with us into a new cycle. With the current energetic focus so strongly on the need for change we are likely to feel the desire for completion of the old particularly strongly this month. The watery energies of Pisces always stimulate a cleansing and releasing process, one that we can particularly use to our advantage this month if we remember to go with the flow rather than try to swim up stream against the current. We will then be ready for the beginning of the new astrological year when the sun moves into Aries on March 21st as well as in a good position to use the energies of the grand cross in April to positive advantage.

Looking beyond the Old Piscean Illusion

Piscean energy can often feel confusing. In its highest form it holds the potential for unity through the fusion of the higher and lower self, yet experienced in a third dimensional reality this same energy can also appear to enhance the illusion of separation. This Piscean illusion is very familiar to us because the energy of Pisces has been a major influence on our planet for the last 2000 years. During this time we have thoroughly explored the illusion of separation in its many forms, all but loosing the conscious awareness of our wholeness and unity with All That Is in the process. It has been an interesting journey and one that has served a purpose, however it is also very definitely over and we are now being requested to pull back the veils of illusion and to move into the next octave of our evolution.

The energies over the next several months will be uncompromising in their efforts to help us achieve this. Possibly this will not feel entirely comfortable, however remember that we are each here because we have a part to play in this evolutionary change and our experience of it will essentially be determined by our choice of attention point. If we choose to align with the expanded vision and consciousness of our true self or soul we will be able to ride the waves of change with greater harmony and balance than if we choose to fall into fear and argue for our limitations, as the inevitable unravelling of the old Piscean illusion takes place around us. So the question is, how will you choose?


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