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New Bach Flower Remedy Labels: Power of the Flower

New Bach Flower Remedy labels - 7 x 10ml bottles with new labels on.

New Bach Flower Remedy Labels

Bach Flower Remedies - new labels on 10ml & 25ml bottles

We are delighted to say that our newly redesigned labels for our Bach Flower Remedies are now finished! Each label has a new look and feel and features an image of the flower itself, with the new Revival Remedy label showing all five flowers in this popular combination. Our Bach Flower Remedy Sets all also have new labels too!

The essences are still exactly the same – hand poured with love and care according to Dr Bach’s original instructions, but the labels have been updated to give the flowers a voice they didn’t have with the previous design.

Bach Flower Remedies restore equilibrium

If you’ve ever used Bach Flower Remedies, you will  have experienced how they help to awaken more positive qualities like confidence, tolerance, courage, hope, patience and forgiveness within you. The gentle natural vibrations in the Bach Flower Remedies act as a reminder to your energetic system of how it feels when your mind, emotions, spirit and body are in balance.

Just as a flower essence is an expression of the energy of the flower, a picture is an expression of its energy too.

They help your system remember how to feel centred and connected to your true self so you can experience your full potential as a divine human being. The energy of the Bach Flower Remedies that is transmitted when you drop them onto your tongue can also be experienced on a subtle level when you see images of the plants. Just as a flower essence is an expression of the energy of the flower, a picture is an expression of its energy too. Connecting with the energy of the flower that an essence is made from through pictures and in nature deepens your understanding of how the essence works.

A picture of a flower is a window into its soul

Bach Flower Photo Montage

A picture of a flower is a window into its soul, so if you need that flower essence for balance then the image will resonate with you in subtle ways. It may seem more attractive, vibrant or compelling or, by contrast, it might even seem unappealing if it helps to clear a pattern that you’ve been resisting.

Either way there is often a tangible energetic resonance as you sense the subtle vibrations of a flower from its picture. This energetic resonance may happen quietly and unconsciously, but if you start to observe how you respond to images of the Bach flowers this can open interesting new doorways into your inner knowing.

There is a conversation between plants and people happening all the time as they transmit their balancing vibrations to us and we receive their energy. Becoming conscious of this process activates more appreciation for nature in our hearts. Flower essences not only help us to heal and reconnect with ourselves, they are quietly helping us to reconnect with the natural world too.

We intuitively know what we need

Our energetic systems have an inherent natural wisdom which means that the parts of us that seek balance are attracted to certain things that we intuitively know we need. This happens at the level of heart perception where we sense, feel and know what is right for us, and part of this heart perception occurs at a visual level.

Have you noticed that the colours you feel drawn to wear might vary depending on how you’re feeling that day? Have you noticed how a particular spring flower is capturing your attention this year whereas last year you barely noticed it? Or that when you bought yourself some flowers at the weekend you instinctively chose the daffodils whereas last month you only wanted pink roses? The beauty of the natural world is in constant communication with us, whether we are conscious of it or not. Becoming conscious of this subtle process deepens our connection with our own hearts and the heart of nature.

We created these labels to give you a lovely new way to connect with the energies of the Bach Flower Remedies on a visual, intuitive, heart-centred level.

Three reasons why we think you’ll love the new labels:

Bach Flower Remedy Self Select Set
  • The positive qualities of the Bach Flower Remedies are subtly transmitted through the images so the new labels give you a lovely new way to connect with their energy.
  • The flowers are beautiful and vibrant so we hope that simply seeing the beauty of the Bach Flower Remedy plants on the labels will bring joy and delight to your heart.
  • The new labels can help you choose the best Bach Flower Remedies to bring balance to your system by noticing which images on the labels resonate with you and checking whether the associated essence is a good choice for you.

We hope you will love these colourful and vibrant new labels as much as we do! We’d love to hear what you think of them.

You can find all of our new labels in the flower essence shop here:

Jackie Stewart

Jackie Stewart has been using Crystal Herbs essences for 25 years and trained as a Flower and Vibrational Essence Practitioner in 1999. She joined the Crystal Herbs team in 2019 and is passionate about how essences help us open our hearts to co-create a world that thrives on Love.

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Kate Parker
Kate Parker
1 year ago

I love the new labels, they really help to connect visually with the flowers and their essence.

Crystal Herbs
1 year ago
Reply to  Kate Parker

Thank you so much for your comment and lovely to hear that you like the new labels!! Thanks!