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New Flower Essence Labels

12 April, 2021 Crystal Herbs 2
We’re delighted to share our new labels for our single Flower Essences! We have a regular cycle of making new Mother Tinctures and we often add new essences, but one thing we haven’t done for […]
Crystal Herbs News & More

Beautiful Roses & the Vibration of Love

1 September, 2017 Sam Cremnitz 0
Some of the beautiful roses flowering at Crystal Herbs at the moment… These four beautiful roses are flowering and sharing their energies with us at the moment and are a joy to see outside our […]
Tulip Flaming Parrot
Flower Essences

Tulip Flower Essence

21 April, 2017 Crystal Herbs 0
Tulip & Flaming Parrot Tulip Flower Essences Tulips are one of the worlds most popular spring flowering bulbs. Each year they bring a beautiful variety of colour to gardens and public spaces, heralding the arrival […]
Healing Abuse Essence
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Flower Essence Suggestions for September 2016

13 September, 2016 Crystal Herbs 0
Essence Suggestions to help with the Energies through September Healing Abuse Essence This powerful combination is an excellent support for anyone working with issues related to abuse. It helps to dissolve the vibrations of trauma […]
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Essence Suggestions for August 2016

9 August, 2016 Crystal Herbs 0
Essence Suggestions to help with the Energies through August Feeling Worthy Essence This is a really good combination for where there is a problem with self worth, valuing yourself, self-nurturing or deep feelings that you […]