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From Blame to Forgiveness

12 January, 2023 Crystal Herbs 0
From Blame to Forgiveness – A Journey With the Higher Heart Chakra Essence By Julia Payne I’m taking Higher Heart Chakra Essence for Self-Forgiveness. I’d been watching a medium in the US who does readings […]
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Engaging With Life – Even in 2020

20 November, 2020 Crystal Herbs 0
Guest post by Jo Robson I love the synchronicity that occurs when we are able to let life flow.  My journey with Valerian started with one of these moments.  I had finished my previous deep […]
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Disarming the Fear of Love

11 September, 2020 Sharon Curran 1
Guest post by Sharon Curran “In a mirror is where we find a reflection of our appearances, but in a heart is where we find a reflection of our soul” Unknown It’s a funny thing […]
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My Date With Pink Rose

5 December, 2008 Crystal Herbs 0
My date with Pink Rose – by Maureen Jones When I was on the CVM course learning about the Karmic Essences I got the strong sense that at some time in the future it would […]