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Nurturing & Compassion: Divine Mother – Essence Review

Divine Mother Essence

The focus of this month’s Essence Review is the Divine Mother essence from the Archangels & Ascended Masters Essences. We have chosen to highlight this essence because it is particularly important for all of us to connect more fully with the energy of the Divine Feminine right now. The true Essence of the feminine aspect of creation provides the Earth and those that live on and within her, with the all-important energies of creativity, nurturing and nourishment on all levels. It is also an essential ingredient in the creation of greater harmony and balance in our world because it is the balanced energy of the Divine Feminine that will remind the out of balance masculine principle how to return to its true Essence.

While this much-needed energy is present within all of us regardless of the gender of the body that we currently inhabit, it is particularly important that the women of the world now step forward and embody their true feminine Essence so that this energy can have a voice and an influence in the world once again.

The energy of the Divine Feminine has been absent from the world for so long that many mis-perceptions and unconscious patterns of denial have accumulated in the collective consciousness surrounding this archetype. Many are finding that as they step forward to embrace this energy more fully they encounter these unconscious patterns as a feeling of uncomfortable resistance. This is when a bottle of two of our Divine Mother Essence would be particularly helpful.

The Divine Mother Essence contains the beautiful high frequency vibrations of Rose and is further infused with the frequencies of the Divine Feminine in her capacity as the universal nurturing Mother. As you take this essence call upon the Divine Mother energy to help you to connect with and balance your own feminine Essence, allowing any old resistance to simply melt away. As you hold this beautiful energy within your heart, reflecting it out into the world much will change around you.

The Divine Mother Essence is part of the Archangel & Ascended Master Essence range and you can find it in the Flower Essence Shop here or you can call us on 01379 608059 ( ++44 1379 608059 ) to place an order or find out more.


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