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The Best Flower Essences for Studying and Exams

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At this time of year we get lots of phone calls from parents and carers, wondering if there are any flower essences that help with studying and exams. The great news is yes! There are many excellent essences to choose from depending on which aspects of studying and exams are causing challenges.

Today we’re exploring the essences we recommend most often to help students learn and revise effectively so they can step into the exam room feeling confident and well prepared.

So whether you’re lacking the motivation to study, have difficulty getting yourself organised with a good studying routine, are having problems with concentration, staying focused, and retaining information, or are being held back by lack of confidence, overwhelm, or debilitating fear, we have an essence to help you.

How Do Flower Essences Help with Studying and Exams?

Person studying at a table

Emotional stress impacts on our ability to absorb and retain information so it’s important to support your emotional and mental wellbeing at exam time. This is where flower essences really come into their own by releasing emotional blocks and restoring balance to the mind and emotions.

We all respond differently to the pressure of studying and exams depending on our personalities and core patterns. While your friend might get distracted easily and find it difficult to concentrate enough to study, exams might trigger your perfectionist side so you put yourself under enormous pressure because you’re terrified of failure.

Because we’re all unique and experience different fears and challenges with studying, we need solutions that are as unique as we are. While we regularly recommend essences for studying and exams, there isn’t one single essence that’s going to be right for everyone.

Our Favourite Flower Essences for Studying and Exams

We’ve created this guide to our most popular essences for studying to help you identify what’s going on for you so that you can choose the most suitable essences to balance how you’re feeling. The essence descriptions that resonate with you most will be the best essences for your situation.

Which Essences Should I Take?

Are you sitting exams now? If you’re doing your exams now, we recommend choosing a combination of Bach Flower Remedies that resonate with you and start taking them now because they will quickly restore an inner sense of balance and perspective. You can take up to 8 Bach Flower Remedies at a time – choose those that most closely match how you’re feeling. We can provide them as individual stock bottles or we can make a custom combination for you.

Are your exams a few weeks away? If your exams are 4-6 weeks away, we recommend starting to take your chosen Bach Flower Remedies now plus the deeper acting combination that resonates with you most. The deeper acting essence combinations work more deeply than Bach Flower Remedies to transform unconscious beliefs, underlying emotions, and patterns to restore your natural state of wholeness. For best results we recommend you take just one deeper acting combination at a time.


Can’t Find the Motivation to Study?

Are you procrastinating because you feel so drained by the idea of it that you can’t even find the energy to study? Do you feel mentally tired or have a heavy-headed foggy feeling in your mind? Are you feeling bogged down by routine and simply can’t find the enthusiasm and vitality to get going? Hornbeam Bach Flower Remedy brings vibrant mental clarity so you can approach your studies with joy and vitality. 

Do you feel apathetic, indifferent and can’t be bothered? You’re putting studying off because you don’t have the motivation or enthusiasm to take action? Are you feeling dull, listless and wilted and can’t find your inner spark? Wild Rose Flower Remedy revives your spirits so that you feel lively and engaged and able to accomplish things effortlessly.


Lacking Self-Confidence and Expecting to Fail?

Larch flowers

Are you lacking in self-confidence, doubt your own abilities, and feel like a failure? Do you feel less capable than others? Do you secretly expect to fail so you give up easily or won’t even try? Larch Bach Flower Remedy is the essence for confidence so take it if low confidence affects your ability to study in the first place or if fear of failure comes up very strongly at exam time. It can help you to move beyond old limitations and insecurities so you can feel self-assured and confident of success.

Are you beating yourself about not doing enough studying or feeling that what you’ve done isn’t good enough? Do you feel guilty and secretly believe that you could be doing more? Does exam time trigger feelings of self reproach because deep down you never feel truly satisfied with yourself? Pine Flower Remedy is the essence for restoring self acceptance and self worth. It helps you to recognise your own value and feel more compassion for yourself.

Deeper Acting Essences for Confidence and Self Worth…

Confidence Essence: This is the essence to choose if you are lack confidence in yourself and your abilities. For some people that can manifest as self defeating patterns like giving up without even trying because you’re so sure you’ll fail, whereas for others it can manifest as studying all the time to try to compensate for the inner lack of confidence. This is an excellent essence for releasing underlying feelings of inadequacy so you can feel self assured and manifest your true potential.

Feeling Worthy Essence: This is an excellent essence to use if you don’t feel good enough or if are judging or criticising yourself for not doing enough. It helps to dissolve underlying feelings of inferiority and low self worth that can leave you feeling that you’re not fundamentally OK as you are. Choose this essence to dissolve feelings of inferiority and enhance self-nurturing.

Feeling Worthy Essence – Restore Self Worth

Elm Bach Flower Remedy - two bottles


Too Overwhelmed to Focus?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the amount of studying you need to do? Are you unable to cope with the extra workload and feel that it’s not humanly possible? Do you feel exhausted and despondent because there’s so much to learn and write that you don’t even know where to start? Elm Bach Flower Remedy is the essence for overwhelm so it’s very effective at helping you to cope better when you’re feeling under pressure. It helps you to feel supported, capable and effective so you can prioritise well, knowing that everything will get done in good time.


Information Not Sinking In When You Study?

Are you a slow learner, find it difficult to grasp ideas or study effectively? Do you keep repeating the same mistakes? Chestnut Bud Bach Flower Remedy is an excellent essence for easeful learning. It enhances the ability to grasp mental concepts more easily so studying become more effective. It’s also a great essence for enhancing interest and curiosity which makes the learning journey more enjoyable.


Fearful or Panicky About Studying and Exams?

Mimulus flower

Fears at exam time are very common because so much seems to be riding on whether you pass or not. Exams often trigger feelings of panic, pressure and fear for the future that make it difficult to see things in perspective. Flower essences are very effective for dissolving fears of all kinds.

Are you feeling quiet dread about studying or exams or find yourself worrying about it a lot of the time? Are you feeling strong terror, panic or alarm at the prospect of your upcoming exams or even about studying itself? Would you benefit from something to help you feel more calm, courageous and centred? We have three essence suggestions for different types of fear.

Mimulus Bach Flower Remedy is very supportive for the everyday fears, worries or dread that can come to the surface about studying. It is particularly useful if you’re a nervous, shy, quiet and cautious type of person.

Rock Rose Flower Remedy is the essence for transforming extreme or strong fear, panic terror or alarm. Use it if you are feeling extremely rattled, have heart-stopping fear or terrifying nightmares about exams. It’s a very stabilizing essence that will restore tranquility and balance.

Revival Remedy Essences - 10ml, 25ml and 30ml bottles

Revival Remedy is the Bach Flower Remedy combination for emergency and crisis situations or if you regularly feel fearful, panicky, anxious or worried. It swiftly stabilises the emotions and is very effective for fears and worries about studying and exams. It restores feelings of calmness, comfort and support and enhances your ability to cope. It comes in spray form to spray around your study space as well as drops to take on your tongue. Pop 4 drops in a water bottle and sip regularly when you’re sitting your exams.

Deeper Acting Essence for Fears of All Kinds…

Inner Calm Essence: This is the essence to choose if you are feeling intense fear, worry or panic about your exams and can’t find a calm, centred space within you. It’s very effective for releasing underlying fears of all kinds including fears that you won’t remember what you know, fears about the future, and fear that something terrible will happen if you fail. It will help you to dissolve conscious and unconscious fears so you can feel more centred, steady and secure.


Difficulty Getting Organised, Concentrating and Keeping Focused?

Person sitting at a table holding a help sign

Are you distracted, disorganised, and daydreamy with your head in the clouds? Do you find it difficult to concentrate because you drift off in your imagination, live in a fantasy world, or think about the future a lot? Do you have a poor memory, find it difficult to focus, concentrate or study? Clematis Bach Flower Remedy helps you to be more present, organised, and grounded, which helps you achieve tasks easily and enhances concentration, memory and focus.

Do you get headaches after too much mental activity e.g. using a computer or studying? Do you feel mentally fatigued after periods of studying and wish you could refresh your mind? As well as transforming procrastination, Hornbeam Bach Flower Remedy is great for revitalising your mental energy and helping you to feel focused, energised and balanced.

Deeper Acting Essences for Focus and Concentration

Concentration Essence: This is an excellent essence to help you focus and concentrate, reduce scattered thinking and promote the ability to centre your awareness within yourself. It’s a great essence to use if you have a short attention span or your mind feels muddled. This is the deeper acting essence we recommend most often to assist students who are studying for exams.

Being Present Essence - two bottles

Being Present Essence: This is great essence to use if you are easily distracted by what is going on around you, find it difficult to focus and concentrate because you’re mentally elsewhere, or have difficulty completing tasks effectively because you’re not really ‘here’. Perfect if you find yourself distracted and looking out the window or checking your phone every few minutes when you should be studying!

Clarity & Perspective Spray: This fast-acting essence spray relaxes the mental body allowing ‘mental blocks’ to dissolve so you can study more easily. It clears confusion, helps with problem solving and helps you see things in new ways. Use it to refresh your mind and when you find yourself going round and round, getting more and more confused, frustrated and unable to ‘see the wood for the trees’.


Good Luck & We’re Here To Help

We hope this guide has helped you to recognise which essences will help you with studying and exams. If you need any further support to choose the most useful essences for you, just give us a call or email to tell us more about how you’re feeling and we’ll be happy to help. We know how difficult studying can be when you’re feeling worried, stuck or under pressure and we know from our personal experience with essences that it’s possible to go into your exams feeling calm, confident and supported.


Quick How to Use Guide

Person using a flower essence spray

Bach Flower Remedies

Use 1-8 Bach Flower Remedies at a time. Put 4 drops of each remedy in a glass of water or put 4 drops of each directly on your tongue. Alternatively, we can make you a combination bottle. Take Bach Flower Remedies 6-8 x a day.

Deeper Acting Essences

Essences: Use one deeper acting essence at a time and put 4 drops on your tongue 3-4 x a day. For best results, do not add to a glass of water or combination bottle.

Sprays: Spray liberally into your auric field 4 x a day or 2 sprays on the tongue 4 x a day.
With all flower, gem and crystal essences we recommend you continue until the bottle is finished or you notice a difference in how you are feeling.


Share Your Experiences…

Have you used any of our these Essences around exam times? We’d love to hear your experiences of working with these essences, so please do leave us a comment and share your experiences!

Are You New To Flower & Vibrational Essences?

You can find out more about Flower & Vibrational Essences in our guide here.

Jackie Stewart & Sam Cremnitz

Co-author collaboration between Jackie & Sam

Jackie has been using Crystal Herbs essences for 25 years and trained as a Flower and Vibrational Essence Practitioner in 1999. She joined the Crystal Herbs team in 2019 and is passionate about how essences help us open our hearts to co-create a world that thrives on Love. More About Jackie Stewart | All Blog Articles | All Videos

Sam is a director at Crystal Herbs and has been with us since 1996. He is passionate about all aspects of Flower & Vibrational Essences, from making and developing them, to using them for personal and spiritual growth. Sam is a trained essence practitioner, energy healer and teacher and loves sharing knowledge and information about Essences and any other tools that help us to re-connect with our hearts and the true essence of who we are. Sam is also currently treasurer for the British Association of Flower Essence producers. More About Sam Cremnitz | All Blog Articles | All Videos

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