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Space Clearing With Flower Essence Sprays

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Do you have a regular practice for energetically clearing the space in your home or work place? Flower Essence sprays provide a lovely way to uplift the energy in your home and work space so that your environment can help you to feel balanced, clear, light and energised.

Why is space clearing important?

If you’ve ever walked into a room and felt uplifted without knowing why, or conversely walked into a building and felt uncomfortable for no obvious reason then you’ve been sensing the energetics in the space. We are all sensitive to the energetics of place even if we’re not consciously aware of it.

Woman meditating in sacred space

Just as our home and work spaces build up dust, dirt and grime, they also accumulate energetic grime which is a type of psychic/emotional residue that tends to linger in indoor spaces unless we clear it out. This can usually be felt as ‘bad vibes’ or more subtly as dense, stuffy or negative energy.  People who live or work in the space may feel stuck, unmotivated, sluggish, energetically drained, find it difficult to rest well or simply not want to spend time there because it doesn’t feel welcoming, energising or light.

Fortunately, it’s easy to change the energy in our environment by using simple space clearing techniques that create a positive change in the atmosphere. We particularly like to use flower essence sprays to clear the energy of a physical space because they’re so effective for creating an energising, harmonious environment to live and work in.

What is space clearing?

Space clearing is a technique for clearing the energy in a building so that old stagnant energies can be released, and the flow of energy in the space can be brought into balance and harmony again. It’s the energetic equivalent of having a shower or a bath to keep your body clean.

Space clearing optimises the energy in your physical environment and has a positive impact on everyone who uses the space. People usually feel more uplifted, energised and balanced after a space has been energetically cleared. Animals and children (who are more sensitive to subtle energy than most adults) will feel more relaxed in the space, and may even go into rooms they avoided before because the energy has become more inviting and balanced.

How do you know if your home or work space needs space clearing?

It’s a good habit to clear the space in your home and work space regularly to optimise the energy, and once you start doing it you will sense when it needs to be repeated. However, if you’re new to clearing your space there are some signs that indicate whether your home or work environment would benefit from space clearing.

Feeling energetically drained when you spend time in the space, difficulty relaxing or sleeping, feeling irritable, out of balance or noticing that arguments tend to break out in a particular part of your home, ‘bad vibes’ or a sense that something doesn’t feel quite ‘right’, house plants not thriving, and animals or children avoiding the space can all be indications that your space needs to be cleared energetically. There are also certain situations that can result in dense energy lingering in your environment.  This accumulation of invisible psychic/emotional energy in the environment can make us feel out of sorts without us realising why.

Consider space clearing if you relate to any of these everyday situations:

12 Everyday Situations Where Space Clearing Is Useful

Positive Vibrations Space Clearing Spray - two 50ml spray bottles
  • When you’ve recently moved into a new home or work space and want to clear the energetic residue from previous inhabitants;
  • After arguments, disagreements or conflict which can leave a strong emotional imprint in the space;
  • If somebody has been processing strong emotions, including hopelessness, fear, grief or anger in the space;
  • When somebody has been ill or died in the building;
  • After any clutter clearing e.g. when you’ve cleared out the attic or cellar, finally got around to sorting that cupboard under the sink, chucked out the clothes you don’t love any more, got rid of old books, paperwork or other belongings;
  • After you or another person has experienced trauma or bad news;
  • If anyone who uses the space is under a lot of stress and tension;
  • In work situations when people are under pressure or there’s challenging dynamics;
  • After big changes, personal transformation or life transitions where you have changed so the energy in your space needs an ‘upgrade’ too;
  • If anyone in the space broadcasts mainstream news, plays violent computer games or watches TV shows and films containing high levels of fear, anger or violence;
  • If animals, children or sensitive adults feel spooked or are unable to settle in the space.
  • When you’re on holiday to clear the energy from previous guests in your holiday accommodation;
  • In your car, particularly if you get nervous about driving,  if there’s been arguments or road rage during journeys, or if you regularly experience tension on the school run or commute to work.

Space clearing is such a fast and simple thing to do that we’d definitely recommend giving it a try to see if you notice any difference.

How do you use flower essence sprays for space clearing?

Catherine using a flower essence space clearing spray

Begin by physically cleaning the space first and open the windows to bring in some energizing nature vibrations. Drop your awareness into the soles of your feet and the earth beneath you, notice your breath, and bring your awareness softly into your heart centre.

Set a clear intention for the clearing you want to do e.g. clear and cleanse the space, raise the vibration of the space, clear out stuck stagnant energy.
And, if it fits with your personal spiritual beliefs, you can take a moment to ask the spirits of the building and the land to help you with this process and thank them for their support.

Walk around the room spraying your chosen essence spray into the corners of the room from the ceiling down to the floor or the floor up to the ceiling, whichever feels best for you.

Alternatively, simply stand in the centre of the room and spray out into the room in all directions asking for the vibrations to reverberate out into the corners. You can experiment with both techniques or follow any other guidance your receive. You may wish to close the door and leave the room for a little while afterwards.

How to create sacred space

While sacred space has traditionally referred to places that have a devotional purpose (e.g. church, temple, shrine, grove), many of us are now recognising the importance of cultivating the energy of the spaces where we live and work so that these feel sacred too. Whether it’s a tiny corner of a room or an entire building, sacred space can be created anywhere we wish to create it so that the spaces where we spend time can help us to switch off, replenish our energy, feel uplifted and spiritually supported.

Creating sacred space with essence sprays is a beautiful practice to do on a regular basis. It’s a way of setting the energy in the room to reflect and strengthen your intentions. Creating intentional spaces to live and work in is a very powerful way to enhance your connection with your true self and draw in more of what you would like to see in your life and in the world.

How to create sacred space using flower essence sprays

Energetic Alignment Essence Spray - two 50ml spray bottles

After you’ve cleared your space using an essence spray to get rid of old stuck stagnant energy, the next step is focusing on the energies you want to draw in. Simply connect with your heart and clarify your intention, then spray an Essence Spray that will amplify your intention around the room. This helps to create an energetic blueprint for your intention to manifest.

For example, if you want to experience more abundance but you feel a strong sense of lack then the Angel of Abundance Spray can help to hold the vibration of abundance in your environment as a blueprint for your personal energetic frequency to align with.

Essence sprays are so fast acting that they give you a very quick and effective way to call new energies into your space and into your life. Do it as often as feels good to you!

Some people create sacred space in alignment with the lunar cycle e.g. at the time of new and full moon, others like to do it on a particular day of the week, while others do it every morning to set their intention for the day ahead.

Creating sacred space on a regular basis keeps you focused and aligned with your path and purpose, and infuses your home and workspace with supportive, energising vibrations.

Sprays can easily be used to raise the vibration in your work space because they take seconds to use – we hear stories about people using them to clear and optimise the energy in all kinds of work settings. They’re also ideal for situations where you wouldn’t be able to use smudge sticks or incense e.g. if you’re hiring a space for a workshop or staying in a hotel and don’t want to set off smoke alarms.

With the environmental and cultural impact of using endangered plants like Californian Sage and Palo Santo for space clearing, it’s great to know that Essence Sprays provide a space clearing alternative that is kind to the Earth.

The Perfect Addition to My Spiritual Wellness Toolkit

Laura from Rock & Realm

"Crystal Herbs Positive Vibes Spray arrived in my life at just the right moment. My husband and I had been experiencing a period of stress and emotions hung heavy in the atmosphere of my home. I often cleanse the energy around the house using sage or Palo Santo, but they’re not very practical on a day to day basis. This is where the Positive vibes spray was fantastic; not only does the delicate floral scent make your home smell beautiful, you can spray it wherever and wherever you need a boost. I used the spray to mist myself head to toe first thing in the morning or after anything stressful and it quickly lifted my spirits and gave me a feeling of protection. I also used it around the home and particularly in the bedroom and over the bed to clear the space and wrap us in a positive cocoon as we slept. The effect on the atmosphere and energy in my home was almost immediate. Everything felt lighter and more positive, like when you spring clean the house and open all the windows. I’m a great believer in the power of mother nature and loved this magical essence spray… it’s the perfect addition to my spiritual wellness toolkit!“

Laura Roberts, Rock + Realm. https://rockandrealm.com

Essence Spray Recommendations for Space Clearing & Creating Sacred Space

Jackie and Catherine with flower essence sprays

Does your environment feel negative or heavy?

Is there tension or conflict in the air? Do you wish it felt more uplifting and energizing?  The Positive Vibrations Spray swiftly transforms negative energy of all kinds and elevates the energy in the space. We use it in our workspace at Crystal Herbs to keep the vibration aligned, clear and light.

Does your environment feel murky, dark or dense?

The Angel of Purification spray brings a fresh, clear, purifying frequency into your space. Its energetic frequency is like early morning sunshine sparkling on a mountain stream, so using it to cleanse and purify your space with light sparkling energy.

Does the energy feel unsettled in your space?

Does anybody feel spooked or fearful about spending time there? Violet Flame Spray is a powerful ray of energy that purifies and transmutes negative energies so this is a great spray to use when you need extra spiritual support.

Other Essences We Love to Use for Space Clearing & Intention Setting

The following essences are great to use in your auric field, but they also make wonderful essences to use as space and intention setting sprays….

You can explore more of our top essence sprays to clear and optimise your space here: Space Clearing & Intention Setting Sprays

We hope this post has given you some ideas for using essence sprays to enhance the energies in your environment. If you feel that your home or work space would benefit from an energetic breath of fresh air, Flower Essence sprays can help to transform your space with uplifting positive vibrations.  We’d love to hear your stories about how essence sprays have changed the energy in your home or work space.

Learn more about using essence sprays in your personal auric field here: Flower Essence Sprays to Balance Your Energy & Set Your Intentions


Share Your Experiences…

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Jackie Stewart

Jackie Stewart has been using Crystal Herbs essences for 25 years and trained as a Flower and Vibrational Essence Practitioner in 1999. She joined the Crystal Herbs team in 2019 and is passionate about how essences help us open our hearts to co-create a world that thrives on Love.

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Wyn Tyrie
Wyn Tyrie
1 year ago

Thank you for this very comprehensive information
I’m a.Flower Essence Producer too and my essences are used through the aura.Ive also created a range of Environmental Sprays.They are wonderful for maintaining a.positive healthy space.Wishing you every success with your creative flow and your business.X