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Empowering the Inner Feminine

Lily of the Valley flower in the wild

On the face of it, it might seem impossible for us as individuals to influence the outcome of global events, but this is not really the case. Balancing our inner feminine and inner masculine energies can have a profound influence on the collective consciousness.

Everything that happens in our world is a product of our collective consciousness and we do have the power, both as individuals and groups of individuals, to influence this.

Every adjustment in consciousness that we make within ourselves, anything that we clear and release and most importantly the more that we love and accept ourselves, will feed back into the collective consciousness, making it that little bit easier for others to do the same.

Balancing Our Inner Masculine & Feminine Polarity

When the feminine principle leads and the masculine principle willingly supports then harmony, balance, cooperation and compassion will become the norm in our world.

Currently there is an abundance of unbalanced masculine energy bouncing around in the world. However, we could choose to counteract this abrasive undertone bringing greater balance to our own inner masculine / feminine polarity. When this fundamental relationship is a balance of equal partners it creates a foundation upon which we can anchor the frequencies of divine feminine and divine masculine energies, making them more available to be drawn upon by the collective consciousness of humanity.

These are the energies from which our original blueprint was created so when enough of us hold this imprint and internal balance, change will be swift and inevitable.

The Feminine Principle

It is the feminine principle that we need to focus upon as it is this energy that has been the most neglected and suppressed for a very long time. Whether you have a male or female body this aspect of creation is present within you. So take time to explore the feminine within, give it a voice and most particularly pay attention to how it interacts with your masculine polarity so that you can make adjustments where necessary.

When the feminine principle leads and the masculine principle willingly supports then harmony, balance, cooperation and compassion will become the norm in our world.

Female Essence and Mother Essence

Essences to Help With Balancing Your Inner Feminine & Masculine

The Female Essence; strengthening feminine or Mother will help you balance and strengthen the qualities of your inner feminine, while Male Essence; strengthening masculine or Father will do the same for your inner masculine energy.

When these aspects feel balanced and secure within themselves then choose either Inner Unity; male/female integration or Integration to help them work more fully together as a team.

Crystal Herbs

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