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From Blame to Forgiveness

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From Blame to Forgiveness – A Journey With the Higher Heart Chakra Essence

By Julia Payne

I’m taking Higher Heart Chakra Essence for Self-Forgiveness. I’d been watching a medium in the US who does readings for people who were feeling regret and guilt, wishing they’d done things differently before their loved one had passed. It brought into my consciousness many things in my past that I felt regret and guilt about, where I’d been full of self-reproach.

Looking in the Mirror

Julia holding the Higher Heart Chakra Essence bottle

I had also been noticing several reflections of people around me not doing things how I would want them to be done. I was mentally judging and blaming others in my mind, both feelings were very difficult and uncomfortable and taking a lot of energy. I really did not like myself for thinking like this. With a great deal of self-reflection, I came to understand that the mirror around me was showing me that I believed that I had done many things wrong; that I was beating myself up mentally.

It became quite overwhelming at times and I did not know how to move forward with this. I tried to tell myself that I forgive myself and also tried to justify and rationalise why I deserved to be forgiven, but it was all at a mental level and I just didn’t deserve and couldn’t justify being forgiven. I couldn’t work it out coming from the mental level and didn’t realise that was what I was trying to do – still judging myself!

Opening To Forgiveness and Love

I needed help with this. I chose Higher Heart Chakra Essence because this is a good essence when we have difficulty forgiving ourselves or others, or when there’s issues with loving yourself unconditionally. These were both things I was feeling very stuck in.

I took the essence for a few days, which brought up more feelings of guilt until I was forced to sit and really go inside to look at it again but this time it brought to my attention to FEEL into it and stay out of the mental head stories. I got very upset, it felt difficult but I brought everything into the open, to the surface and just allowed it to move through me.

The next day I was driving to work down very familiar country lanes which needed very little of my attention. And then out of the blue I had that ‘Aha’ moment. There I had been – still doing what I had done before – trying to clear the old pattern by thinking my way out of it. The Aha was like a message to myself from myself. “You don’t need a reason to be forgiven, you can’t think that for yourself or for anyone else – you are forgiven – no conditions or reasons needed, just because.”

Oh my God. I started to laugh at myself, just laughed out loud whilst driving along about the whole situation. Of course I can’t do it with judgement. “It’s a heart thing. A love thing. I would have forgiven those around me for no reason in a heartbeat so why not just do the same for me, simple yes.” As I laughed and took in this understanding it felt like fresh cool air suddenly flowing through my heart, opening and expanding, feeling lighter and just happy.

Higher Heart Essence for Forgiveness without Judgement

The Higher Heart Chakra Essence in a hand

It took some time but gradually the essence seems to have opened a door in me where I can forgive myself – not because of any reason, but just because!  This essence helped me to fully recognise how I could do that with no judgement, and to feel that forgiveness at a heart-centred level. It is still in progress and I am still taking the essence, but I feel so much more at peace in my mind and more open to liking who I am and allowing more love in at last.

Without the Higher Heart Chakra Essence to help me I will never know how long it would have taken me to forgive myself. I would possibly still be judging myself and living with the reflections from others around me trying to show me where I was stuck. Guilt and self reproach are very uncomfortable inside and in what I was creating in the outside world for myself. It gave me that new understanding and ability to know and remember not to be so mentally in the head about everything, and to find that new and higher perspective.

About the Higher Heart Chakra Essence

Higher Heart Chakra Essence is one of the Chakra Essences and is a combination of 6 deep-acting flower, gem and crystal essences that promote forgiveness, compassion, and connection with the sacred heart. If you resonate with these issues and feel like you’d benefit from taking this essences you can find out more here:

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