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Bach Flower Remedies and Astrology

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Did you know that there’s a Bach Flower Remedy for each of the 12 astrological signs?

Towards the end of his life, Dr Bach began exploring the link between the first 12 essences he discovered (The Twelve Healers) and astrology, specifically the 12 astrological signs.

Dr Bach believed that the sign the moon was in at the time of birth was significant, while other flower essence experts including Shimara Kumara who first set up Crystal Herbs have explored the relevance of the astrological sign the sun was in at the time of birth (commonly known as your Star Sign). Shimara introduces this topic in the beautifully illustrated Flowers of Life book which you’ll find in our bookshop.

Astrologers believe that we incarnate at the best possible time to develop the qualities our souls need for balance. Choosing Bach Flower Remedies to match your personal astrology can illuminate the soul themes you incarnated to explore in this lifetime, and help you to experience greater emotional balance, inner peace and fulfilment.

Each of the Bach Flower Remedies embodies particular positive qualities that help us to reconnect with those qualities within ourselves. When you take a Bach Flower Remedy for fear, for example, it helps to awaken more of your own courage and fearlessness. When you take a Bach Flower Remedy for uncertainty, it helps to activate your inner knowing.

Astrological signs in a circle

What the Bach Flower Remedy for your Sun Sign Says About You

Discovering the Bach Flower Remedy associated with your sun sign can help to illuminate the fundamental life lesson you are working with in this lifetime in order to bring your personality into balance with your soul. It usually relates to a pattern, emotion or belief that you will know very well already because it’s the state that you tend to revert to when you’re under pressure, in crisis or feeling disconnected from your true self.

The Bach Flower Remedy for your sun sign reminds your energetic system of the qualities you epitomise when your personality is in alignment with your soul. Those qualities deepen and expand as a result of taking the relevant essence so you can experience more of your true essence and what your soul yearns to discover, embody and express in this lifetime.

What the Bach Flower Remedy for your Moon Sign Says About You

Your moon sign relates to your emotions and your inner world; the unconscious currents that influence you. It tells you about how you experienced your childhood, your emotional needs and what you require now in order to feel emotionally fulfilled.

Using the Bach Flower for your moon sign can be a very useful way to illuminate unconscious emotional dynamics in your relationships, and to help you find emotional balance and satisfaction.

We recommend getting a free astrology chart from one of the many websites that offer this service so you can identify your sun and moon signs. Once you know which sign your sun and moon are in, you can use our guide to choose the Bach Flower Remedies that match your astrology.

The Bach Flower Remedy for each Astrological sign

Impatiens for Aries

Impatiens flower

With an Aries sun or moon, you are being invited to awaken the quality of patience more fully.

Do you get impatient and irritable, expecting everything to happen yesterday? Do you find yourself finishing other people’s sentences for them and nobody else can do things fast enough for you?

The soul lesson for Aries is to slow down and connect with the gentle, still part of yourself. Taking Impatiens will help you to feel patient and calm, knowing there is time for everything.

Gentian for Taurus

Gentian flower

With a Taurus sun or moon, you are being invited to awaken the quality of faith more fully.

Do you sometimes feel skeptical and pessimistic, seeing the negative more easily than the positive? You may suffer from depression and feel disappointed when things don’t work out how you expected.

The soul lesson for Taurus is to have faith in the bigger picture, knowing that everything is happening exactly as it needs to. As Gentian is taken, you will develop optimism and trust that all is working according to divine plan.

Cerato for Gemini

Cerato flower

With a Gemini sun or moon, you are being invited to awaken the quality of inner certainty more fully.

Do you become indecisive when faced with lots of options and find it difficult to make decisions on your own? Do you seek advice from others because you don’t trust your inner knowing?

The soul lesson for Gemini is to listen to your own inner wisdom, trusting your intuition and instincts more than you trust your logical mind. Taking Cerato encourages greater communication with your Higher Self and the ability to trust and follow your own guidance.

Clematis for Cancer

Clematis flower

With a Cancer sun or moon, you are being invited to awaken the quality of groundedness more fully.

Do you get ‘ungrounded’, finding it hard to cope with reality and living in a fantasy world or in daydreams about the future? You may find it difficult to focus, concentrate or study and lack energy.

The soul lesson for Cancer is to anchor your creativity in reality, embodying vision in action. As Clematis is taken, you will feel more able to be part of the world, living in the NOW with willpower and focus.

Vervain for Leo

Vervain flower

With a Leo sun or moon, you are being invited to awaken the quality of relaxation more fully.

Does your passion drive you to overwork, make it difficult to relax and you get tension headaches? You may be over-zealous in your attempts to change the world for the better and get over-excited easily.

The soul lesson for Leo is to push less and allow more, relaxing into effortless flow. As Vervain is taken, it brings relaxation to mind and body along with the ability to enjoy work in a more balanced way.

Centaury for Virgo

Centaury flower

With a Virgo sun or moon, you are being invited to awaken the quality of soul purpose more fully.

Do you find it hard to say no to others, putting their needs before your own and secretly wanting to be needed? You may lack will power, become tired, worn out and ill because of over-giving.

The soul lesson for Virgo is to honour your own needs first. By following your unique life plan you empower others to do the same. As Centaury is taken, you’ll be able to say no without feeling bad about it, and respect yourself without having to feel needed.

Scleranthus for Libra

Scleranthus flower

With a Libra sun or moon, you are being invited to awaken the quality of balance more fully.

Do you find it hard to choose between two things and get paralysed by indecision, unable to make the best choice for you? You may experience mood swings and erratic behaviour, or you’ll swing from one decision to another unable to find your own centre.

The soul lesson for Libra is to honour your inner guidance by listening to your intuition, emotions, senses and body instead of only trusting your rational mind to guide you. Taking Scleranthus brings balance to the emotions and the mind so you will experience greater harmony and stability.

Chicory for Scorpio

Chicory flower

With a Scorpio sun or moon, you are being invited to awaken the quality of unconditional love more fully.

Do you secretly feel emotionally needy and need lots of love and attention to feel secure? You may seek sympathy and try to control your loved ones with emotional blackmail or by unconsciously giving with strings attached.

The soul lesson for Scorpio is to give love freely without expecting anything in return, and to focus on cultivating your connection with divine love instead of trying to get love from other people. As Chicory is taken, you will be able to love others unconditionally with no strings attached, giving yourself and others true freedom.

Agrimony for Sagittarius

Agrimony flower

With a Sagittarius sun or moon, you are being invited to awaken the quality of inner peace more fully.

Are you secretly tormented but hide your inner turmoil behind a smile, needing to keep the peace at all times and saying everything is fine when it’s not? You have an inner restlessness and will do almost anything to avoid your emotions. That could manifest as seeking satisfaction in travel, excitement or addictive substances.

The soul lesson for Sagittarius is to embrace your emotions and speak your truth fearlessly. Taking Agrimony will enable you to speak your truth without fear, be yourself without needing to be liked, and find inner fulfillment without external stimulation.

Mimulus for Capricorn

Mimulus flower

With a Capricorn sun or moon, you are being invited to awaken the quality of courageousness.

Do you feel a sense of dread and fear about life; scared of real known things like lack of money, heights, going to the dentist etc.? Are you easily startled and feel timid in group situations?

The soul lesson of Capricorn is to face your fears with courage, knowing that you are safe and supported at all times. As Mimulus is taken, you will feel more brave and courageous and feel confident in group situations.

Water Violet for Aquarius

Water Violet flower

With an Aquarius sun or moon, you are being invited to awaken the quality of interconnectedness more fully.

Do you feel separate and painfully different from other people? Do you feel as though you don’t belong and find it difficult to connect meaningfully with others so you focus your attention on your special mission in the world instead?

The soul lesson for Aquarius is to open your heart so you can feel your true interconnectedness with other people. As Water Violet is taken, you’ll release barriers to connecting with others and find it easier to share your gifts with humility.

Rock Rose for Pisces

Rock Rose flower

With a Pisces sun or moon, you are being invited to awaken the quality of fearlessness more fully.

Do you suffer from panic, anxiety, nightmares, terror or heart-stopping fear? Often with Pisceans this is very deep-rooted and not even in conscious awareness but may be experienced as a visceral sense that the world isn’t safe.

The soul lesson for Pisces is to deepen your connection to your higher psychic centre (third eye chakra) rather than acting from the lower psychic centre (solar plexus chakra) which gets blocked by fears. As Rock Rose is taken you’ll feel calm in all situations, able to sleep deeply without fear and be unflappable in emergencies.

Bach Flower Remedies Awaken Positive Qualities

Astrology is a fascinating subject and working with the Bach Flower Remedies for your sun and moon sign can help to recalibrate your energetic system, awakening more of the positive qualities of those flower essences within you.

Using the Bach Flower Remedies

Using the Bach Flower Remedies for your sun and moon sign can be a great starting place. However, you can also gain significant benefit from using a combination of remedies to focus on other important related issues too. You can combine up to 7 or 8 of the Bach Remedies into a combination by using the individual stock level Bach Remedies to make your combination, or you can buy one of our custom Bach Combinations here. You can find out more about how to use the Bach Flower Remedies here.

What Are Your Experiences?

What’s your sun and moon sign? We’d love to hear in the comments below whether you resonate with the Bach Flower Remedy for your astrology!

Jackie Stewart

Jackie Stewart has been using Crystal Herbs essences for 25 years and trained as a Flower and Vibrational Essence Practitioner in 1999. She joined the Crystal Herbs team in 2019 and is passionate about how essences help us open our hearts to co-create a world that thrives on Love.

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