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Intuition & Inner Knowing: Brow Chakra Essence Review

Our focus in this month’s Essence Review is the Brow Chakra combination.

The brow chakra or third eye as it is sometimes called, is the etheric energy centre situated in the centre of the forehead. It is the sixth chakra within the group of seven main chakras that particularly affect our physical well being. When it is working optimally it functions as a higher psychic centre, filtering and decoding the higher frequencies of light that flow in from our multidimensional self in such a way as to make them more available for use at a physical level. Intuition, wisdom, inner vision and inner knowing are all associated with this chakra.

The brow chakra has until recently been a relatively unused aspect of our energetic system due to the limitations of third dimensional existence, that have tended to confine us within the perspective of the lower chakras. However, in the new higher frequencies of light that are currently available to us many of these previously unused portions of our energetic system are beginning to awaken, including the brow chakra.

For some people this process of re-awakening the brow chakra is bringing unconscious and uncomfortable resistance to the fore as old beliefs and misperceptions relating to the use of this centre surface to be released. A very common experience for many in this respect is the confusion and fear created by the need to fit in. The brow chakra is the centre through which we access our own inner truth. This is not a mind based truth but rather one that resonates with our soul or true self. Typically inner knowing from within ourselves has not been welcomed in the outer world where mind based ‘truths’ have been the order of the day. In this situation many people have simply chosen to close off this facility as a young child so that they could ‘fit in’ with the generally accepted view of life of those around them. Lack of trust in the self, fear of doing it wrong and the feeling that ‘I don’t know’ when faced with important personal decisions are common indicators that the brow chakra is not functioning fully. Inability to see the larger perspective of life and a tendency to over intellectualise everything are also common issues in this situation.

The Brow Chakra Combination

So if you resonate with any of the above you might find that a large bottle of our Brow Chakra combination is just what you need this month to help you access your intuition and inner wisdom more fully. This combination contains a carefully formulated mix of deep acting Flower, Gem and Crystal Essences designed specifically to clear and balance the brow chakra, encouraging it to keep up with the energetic demands of the times and to release the old limitations and misperceptions that prevent it from functioning fully as the doorway to your multidimensional self that it is intended to be.

The Brow Chakra combination is part of the Chakra Essence range and you can find it on our Flower Essences shop here or you can call us on 01379 608059 ( ++44 1379 608059 ) to place an order or find out more.



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