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The Brow Chakra Essence: for Intuition & Inner Knowing

Petunia Flower

The Brow Chakra Essence

The Brow Chakra Essence is a combination of Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences for opening and balancing your Brow Chakra. It is a wonderful essence for working with issues around inner knowing and intuition and a lack of faith in yourself or the universe, so its particularly useful if you find it hard to trust or feel your intuition or inner knowing. Also if you have an overly mental approach to life, an inability to focus your thoughts, or a feeling of being stuck in the small details of life, or often have feelings of ‘I don’t know’, this would be a really useful Essence.

What is the Brow Chakra?

The brow chakra or third eye as it is sometimes called, is the etheric energy centre situated in the centre of the forehead. This energy centre resonates with the language of light or higher consciousness. It’s the sixth chakra within the interconnected system of seven main chakras that particularly affect our physical wellbeing and daily life.

When your brow chakra is functioning well it facilitates a flow of intuition, wisdom and inner knowing from your soul that enables you to see ‘the bigger picture’ of your life. Inner vision or psychic sight and a greater connection to the universe are also signs that this chakra is balanced. A balanced brow chakra functions as a higher psychic centre, filtering and decoding the higher frequencies of light that flow in from your multi-dimensional self so that you can use this information to guide you.

How to Tell if Your Brow Chakra is Out of Balance

Brow Chakra Symbol

The brow chakra is the centre through which we access the inner truth that resonates with our soul or true self.

From a subtle energy perspective, the brow chakra has been a relatively unused aspect of our energetic system. However, the expansion of consciousness that is underway means that there is  now a strong impetus to reawaken our brow chakras so that we can reconnect fully with our light body, multi-dimensional self and soul purpose.

Signs that your brow chakra is out of balance include feeling disconnected from your inner truth, lack of trust in yourself, fear of doing it wrong, and feeling that you don’t know what to do when faced with important decisions.

Inability to see the larger perspective of life and a tendency to over-intellectualise everything are also common signs that your brow chakra could be out of balance.

What Does the Brow Chakra Essence Do?

Brow Chakra Essence - 10ml and 25ml bottles

The Brow Chakra Essence is a powerful blend of deep acting flower, gem & crystal essences designed specifically to clear and balance the brow chakra. 
The Brow Chakra Essence is all about intuition and inner knowing, inner wisdom and being able to see the ‘bigger picture’ of your life. It’s a great essence to use if you have any resistance to trusting your inner knowing, find it difficult to focus your thoughts, have an overly logical approach to life, or get stuck in small everyday details instead of using your intuition to solve problems. It will also be a good choice if have a lack of faith in yourself or the universe or often find yourself with feelings of ‘I don’t know’.

Why Does the Brow Chakra Get Blocked And How Does the Brow Chakra Essence Help?

Typically our inner knowing has not been welcomed in the outer world where mind-based ‘truths’ have been the order of the day. Western society has developed with a strong focus on knowledge that is rational, logical, scientific and can be proved externally while information that is intuitive, imaginal and sensed on an inner level has been often disregarded.

Many young children are very connected to other realms because their brow chakras are open, but their psychic gifts may have been discouraged or even ridiculed in childhood. If you were an intuitive and psychically open child who received the message that seeing beyond everyday reality was not acceptable, it’s likely that you chose to close off this intuitive facility when you were very young. Many of us have done this unconsciously so that we could ‘fit in’ with the generally accepted views of life held by our parents, teachers and other external authority figures.

Because the brow chakra is the centre through which you access your inner truth, a balanced brow chakra is essential for living in resonance with the wisdom of your soul or true self. For some of us, this process of reawakening the brow chakra is now bringing unconscious and uncomfortable resistance to the fore as old beliefs and misperceptions relating to its use in past incarnations surface to be released. If you resonate with this, you may also be noticing feelings of confusion and fear created by past conditioning that you have adopted in order to be able to fit in.

The Brow Chakra Essence can help to gently dissolve any old beliefs and limitations that block your connection with your intuition and inner knowing so that you can feel empowered by a strong connection to all aspects of your true self.

The Brow Chakra Essence Could Be A Good Choice If You:

Chakra Essence Montage - Essences, symbol and place on the body
  • Have deep feelings that ‘I don’t know.’
  • Are too mentally orientated and not able to connect to your creativity.
  • Feel a lack of faith in yourself and the universe.
  • Often feel that you don’t know what you’re doing or why.
  • Have difficulty trusting your intuition or inner knowing.
  • Feel a need to open your inner vision.
  • Lack imagination, and can’t visualise things being different from how they are.
  • Are unable to focus your thoughts.
  • Cant’ see the bigger picture so get stuck in the small details of life.
  • Feel disconnected from your true self.

Key Benefits of the Brow Chakra Essence:

  • Intuition & Inner Knowing
  • Inner Vision & Imagination
  • Inner Wisdom
  • Higher Perspective
  • Faith

The Brow Chakra Essence can help you to develop greater trust in your intuition and inner knowing and enhance your connection with your soul or true self.

Essences in the Brow Chakra Combination

A piece of Quartz Amethyst
  • Diamond – cleansing and transformational; balances worries and insecurities
  • Petunia – uplifting, enhances higher self-connection and creative visualisation
  • Rosa Webbiana – spiritual connection, expands consciousness & psychic abilities
  • Quartz Amethyst – enhances meditation & helps you stay centred in your energy
  • Nasturtium – for expanded perspectives & enhances telepathic abilities
  • Light Opal – opens the brow chakra & balances the emotions

How to use

An effective dose for most adults is four drops on the tongue 3 or 4 x a day, straight from the stock bottle. For best results take consistently for a period of two to four weeks. We don’t recommend taking any essences other than Bach Flower Remedies at the same time since the Chakra Essences work deeply into the energetic system to make lasting change and transformation.

Brow Chakra Essences - 10ml and 25ml bottles

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Essence Range: Chakra Essences

Adult How to Use: Four drops on the tongue 3 – 4 x a day… Full How to Use

Essence Type: Flower, Gem & Crystal Essence Combination | Stock Level

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Jackie Stewart and Catherine Keattch

Co-author collaboration between Catherine & Jackie

Catherine is a director at Crystal Herbs and has been with us since the early 1990’s. She is a trained essence practitioner, energy healer, teacher and workshop leader. She loves creating vibrational essences and greatly enjoys making the mother tinctures that allow us to provide our wide range of flower, gem & crystal essences. Her passion is to provide the knowledge, wisdom and tools that will support others to find greater harmony, well-being and spiritual fulfilment in their lives. More About Catherine Keattch | All Blog Articles | All Videos

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