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Transforming Doubt: Essence Review for the Inner Certainty Essence

Geranium - Inner Certainty

As we begin this New Year of 2013 there is a growing recognition within all of us that something big has changed at an energetic level on our planet. Everything apparently looks the same yet subtly things feel different. There is a new sense of expansiveness and freedom that is exciting and invigorating on the one hand yet somewhat confusing on the other because as yet we are still working out how to use the new energies we find ourselves in. The key to this is the recognition that we must allow our heart to be our guide rather than the rational mind that we have become so accustomed to consulting. The rational mind has no reference points to negotiate the new energies and therefore cannot take us forward into the new more expanded version of ourselves that is now very available to us if we can move beyond our limitations.

Many at the moment are experiencing an uncomfortable conflict of interests between the heart and the rational mind. In the quietness of our heart they know their direction and how to negotiate in the new energies, yet cannot move forward because their rational mind is loudly insisting on a different course of action or indeed inaction, creating both doubt and confusion. So with this in mind we have decided to focus this month’s essence review on our Inner Certainty combination.

Inner Certainty Essence

Inner Certainty (transforming doubt) is a powerful combination of deep acting flower, gem and crystal essences specifically designed to help you transform feelings of doubt, pessimism or cynicism into a greater sense of faith and trust in the process of life. It will help you to open your heart and expand your awareness so that you can see beyond the limited perspective of the rational mind with a clarity that will transform feelings of isolation & separation and remind you who you truly are and why you are here at this time.

Inner Certainty is part of the Divine Harmony Essences range and you can find it on in the Flower Essence Shop here, or you can call us on 01379 608059 ( ++44 1379 608059 ) to find out more.


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