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Although meditation has been practiced for thousands of years, its popularity has grown in the last 25 years and the benefits of meditation are increasingly well known.  A regular meditation practice has been found to reduce stress, enhance self-awareness, relaxation, and improve emotional wellbeing as well as helping us to feel more inspired and hear our inner guidance. With all those benefits, you’d think that everyone would want to meditate so why do so many of us find it so difficult?

The most common reason that we say we don’t meditate is because there’s too much to do and we don’t have enough time, but that’s only part of the story.  The real reasons why you don’t meditate will most likely be unconscious patterns, beliefs, stories, and emotions. These same issues that stop you from meditating will be affecting other parts of your life too. We love how flower, gem and crystal essences can help you to understand yourself and your patterns better. We’ve created this post to help you recognise what stops you from meditating so that you can choose the most useful essences to help you develop a meditation practice.

Three Different Ways Flower Essences Help You To Meditate

Three flower essence bottles to help with meditation

We offer three different types of essences to help you with meditation. You can choose one type of essence or all three!

Bach Flower Remedies work very well to balance the issues that are on the surface for you. Choose Bach Flower Remedies to clear the belief patterns and emotions you recognise in yourself from this post (we recommend that adults take a combination of max. 8 Bach Flower Remedies at a time).

Flower, Gem & Crystal Essence Combinations are very effective for clearing the underlying emotional blocks, unconscious patterns and crystallised beliefs that make it difficult to meditate. These are often energetic imprints that we’ve absorbed in childhood. Once you’ve recognised the main issue that stops you from meditating, the deeper acting essence combination which addresses that issue will be a very good choice to get under the surface and transform old issues.

Essence Sprays: Choose an Essence Spray to create a peaceful sacred space for meditation so that you can relax more deeply and sink into a meditative state of mind.

So, What’s the Problem?

Your Mind Is Too Busy to Switch Off

Bottle of White Chestnut with White Chestnut flowers

If you have a very active mind, it will stop you from settling down to meditate in the first place and it can make you feel as though meditation isn’t ‘working’ if lots of mental chatter pops up when you try to find a place of inner peace. It’s helpful to recognise that this is what happens to everyone. Meditation creates a space for the mental noise to rise into your awareness so you can simply notice it, let it go and eventually sink into the deeper awareness that lies beyond that. A regular meditation practice helps you to get in the habit of noticing your thoughts so you can simply let them go.

  • Are you unable to switch off mentally because your thoughts circulate round and round constantly like a hamster on a wheel? You go over the same thoughts, conversations and arguments repeatedly. Try White Chestnut Bach Flower Remedy. This is one of the main Bach flower essences that we recommend to aid meditation because it is so good for tranquility of mind.

Remember: You are not your thoughts. Simply notice the thoughts that keep popping into your mind when you try to meditate and imagine that they are like clouds in the sky. Let them drift into your mind and let them drift away again without attaching too much importance to them.

You Can’t Slow Down Enough to Meditate

Many of us find it difficult to meditate because we feel too impatient, irritable or are unable to slow down. This inner state of tension means that we move, act, or think very quickly and are too wound up to meditate.

  • Are you driven by an inner sense of urgency with your mind rushing ahead of itself all the time? You feel mentally tense, worry that there’s not enough time or think that you need to get things done ‘yesterday’. Try Impatiens Bach Flower Remedy. This is a key essence to aid meditation because it helps you to slow down and live in the moment instead of thinking too far ahead.

Remember: You have a natural inner stillness that exists outside of linear time. Simply notice when you are feeling tense and impatient and see it as a cue to take a slow deep breath, and another. The world can wait.

Your Life Is Too Busy To Find A Quiet Space for Meditation

We live in a culture that’s designed to keep us busy so it’s no surprise that almost everyone talks about how busy they are! It’s very interesting to notice what is driving your busyness so you can unhook from the unbalanced patterns and stories that keep you too busy to meditate.

Vervain flowers
  • Are you being driven by survival fears? You’re sacred about not having enough so you are constantly doing all you can to bring money in?  Try Mimulus Bach Flower Remedy.
  • Are you secretly being driven by lack of self worth? You have a distorted idea about your value so you only feel good about yourself when you feel that you’re being useful. Try Pine Bach Flower Remedy.
  • Are you passionate about making the world a better place and don’t let yourself relax? You’re highly strung, extremely enthusiastic and find it hard to switch off. Try Vervain Bach Flower Remedy.

Remember: When you stop being so busy doing and learn to make more space to be, inspiration, solutions and guidance will appear effortlessly without you working so hard.

You Have Too Many Responsibilities to Take Time For Yourself

Do you find it difficult to devote time to yourself and your own self care?  One of the messages we can absorb from very young is that our own needs are secondary to other people’s and it’s selfish to take care of yourself. Each new generation that is born carries less of that imprinting but it’s still a strong message in the collective. It’s helpful to notice what beliefs you’ve absorbed about self care and taking time out just for you.

  • Do you feel the need to help others, put everyone else’s needs before your own, and don’t have the energy to do things for yourself? Try Centaury Bach Flower Remedy.
  • Do you find yourself getting involved in your friend’s problems? You like to be the one who is there for everyone else and secretly want to fix people. Try Chicory Bach Flower Remedy.
  • Do you feel a strong sense of duty and responsibility? You’re the one who works late, who doesn’t like to take holidays, and you keep going until you have nothing left because you find it hard to rest. Try Oak Bach Flower Remedy.

Remember: You have full permission to practice exquisite self-care and remember that your only responsibility is to take very good care of yourself.

You’re Scared of What You’ll Feel When You Meditate

A bottle of Agrimony with an Agrimony flower

Many of us keep busy because we’re scared of what we will feel if we slow down and connect with ourselves in a quiet meditative space. Whether that’s fear of feeling our feelings, fear of opening up psychically or fear of not being able to meditate, these subtle fears can get in the way.

  • Are you restless and feel scared of getting in touch with your feelings if you settle down to meditate? You have a lot of inner turmoil but you hide your true feelings behind a smile and tell everyone you’re fine when you’re not.  Try Agrimony Bach Flower Remedy.
  • Are you scared about opening up psychically in meditation? You’re easily spooked and worried about opening up to other dimensions in case you pick up on negative energies? Try Aspen Bach Flower Remedy.
  • Do you feel a lack of confidence in your ability to meditate? You’re worried that you won’t be able to do it ‘properly’ and you think that everyone else finds it easier than you don’t even try. Try Larch Bach Flower Remedy.

Remember: Acknowledge your fears and thank them for all they are doing to keep you safe, but recognise that you are not your fears.

Deeper Acting Flower & Crystal Essences to Aid Meditation

Catherine, Jackie & Annie with Flower Essences for meditation

While these Bach Flower Remedies clear the surface patterns that stop you from meditating, sometimes you will need a deeper acting combination to get under the surface and release inner blocks. We like using a Bach Flower Remedy combination alongside a complementary deeper acting essence.

Are you finding it difficult to settle to meditation? 

  • Try Inner Focus Essence for Enhancing Meditation: Inner Focus Essence is an excellent essence for calming your mind and balancing your emotions so that you can drop into a quiet, meditative space. Use it to enhance your spiritual connection and hear clearer guidance from your soul – Inner Focus Essence.

Is an impatient or busy mind making it difficult to meditate?

  • Try Inner Harmony Essence for Relaxation: Inner Harmony Essence is an excellent choice for relaxing the mind and releasing mental and emotional tension. Use it to find more inner peace if you feel too wound up to slow down or switch off – Inner Harmony Essence.

Is it difficult to put your own needs first?

  • Try Solar Plexus Chakra Essence: Solar Plexus Chakra Essences is a great essence for developing healthy boundaries with others. Use it to help you to recognise and release patterns that keep you focused on other people’s needs instead of your own – Solar Plexus Chakra Essence

Are fears of some kind stopping you from meditating?

  • Try Inner Calm Essence for Releasing Fears: Inner Calm Essence is a great choice for releasing fears of all kinds from everyday worries and concerns to very strong and deeply buried fears. Use it to help you to dissolve the emotional imprint of fear so you can settle to meditation – Inner Calm Essence

Do you want to go deeper in meditation?

Three Essences - Angleic Gifts, Crown Chakra and Inner Focus Essence,  held by three poeple
  • Try Crown Chakra Essence for Spiritual Connection: Crown Chakra Essence is a great essence to use if you want to expand your spiritual connection and go deeper in your meditation practice. Use it to help you to experience more expanded states of consciousness – Crown Chakra Essence.

Flower Essence Sprays for Meditation

Flower Essence Sprays can help you to meditate by creating a peaceful energetic space. Essence sprays uplift and change the energy in your environment and the ritual of using them signals a message to your brain that you’re slowing down, quietening your mind and ready to relax.

We have lots of essence sprays to choose from but two of our favourites for meditation are:

  • Angelic Gifts Spray for Guidance and Inspiration: We feel the energy shift in the atmosphere when we make the Angel Essences that are in this uplifting combination. Use Angelic Gifts Spray to bring you into alignment with the Angelic Realms to receive their love and light or if you’d like a higher perspective on your life – Angelic Gifts Spray.
  • Energetic Alignment Spray for Soul Connection: Energetic Alignment Spray balances your subtle energy system so that you can release old patterns and receive clear guidance. Use it to enhance meditation and connect more consciously with your soul and higher wisdom – Energetic Alignment Spray.

Meditation Tips from the Crystal Herbs Team

Annie: I Meditate To Feel Uplifted and Inspired

Annie Vincent

When I meditate I feel more uplifted and inspired. When you can find the space in your normally busy mind to just move things aside that aren’t helpful, the space that is created allows for something that is more helpful to float through.  This new space gives you the opportunity for new ideas to filter through and brings upliftment and inspiration. A cluttered mind is not able to bring these valuable insights forward into your awareness.

Annie’s Tip: Keep it simple. If you’re new to meditation it can be helpful to listen to a guided meditation, a drum beat that is in tune to your heartbeat, or healing music that will keep you focused and it will help to switch off the endless mind chatter that we all experience. Don’t give up, just keep going and remember that you can’t get it wrong.

Catherine: I Meditate for Heart Wisdom and Oneness

Catherine Keattch

Meditation helps me to stay connected to my true essence and my purpose for being here at this time. It is a space in which I listen to the wisdom of my heart and bring all parts of myself into alignment with my soul/spirit, touching back into the oneness to receive nourishment for my journey through life. 

Catherine’s Tip: Meditation is a way of connecting with yourself at a deeper level than you would in your normal everyday life. It requires our awareness, presence and focus so a simple way to expand into a more meditative space is to bring yourself as fully into the present moment as you can by turning your attention back inside yourself, intentionally grounding into your Earth Star chakra and taking some nice deep breaths to calm your mind and take you deeper into your heart. 

Jackie: I Meditate to Feel Love and Inner Guidance

Jackie Stewart

Meditation takes me into my heart instead of my head, and when I’m in my heart everything feels better. Life seems more beautiful, I feel more loving, and my heart brims over with appreciation. The simplest things seem like miracles because I’m more present in the moment, and I whole-heartedly trust the inner guidance that comes through.

Jackie’s Tip: Decide upon a time of day when you can find a regular window of time (even 5 or 10 minutes makes all the difference) and set your alarm to remind you. For those few minutes, simply turn your attention inwards and notice your breath flowing in and out. You can count your breaths or simply notice the sensation of your breath moving in your chest.

Let Us Know If You Need Any Help or Advice

We hope you’ve found this guide useful. Let us know in the comments which of these barriers to meditation resonates with you most. If you feel stuck with your meditation practice for different reasons to what we’ve explored here let us know and we’ll be happy to suggest essences to help you.
View our full range of Essences for Meditation, Stilling the Mind and Going Within Here.

If you’re feeling inspired to try meditation, you may enjoy this free 20 minute guided meditation with Catherine. Use it as often as you wish to get grounded, clear your energy, and radiate the light and love of your true self.

How to Use Your Essences

Using Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies

Use 1-8 Bach Flower Remedies at a time. Put 4 drops of each remedy in a glass of water or put 4 drops of each directly on your tongue. Alternatively, make a combination bottle (see leaflet for more information). Take Bach Flower Remedies 6-8 x a day.

Deeper Acting Essences

Essences: Use one deeper acting essence at a time and put 4 drops on your tongue 3-4 x a day. For best results, do not add to a glass of water or combination bottle.

Sprays: Spray liberally into your auric field 4 x a day or 2 sprays on the tongue 4 x a day.
With all flower, gem and crystal essences we recommend you continue until the bottle is finished or you notice a difference in how you are feeling.

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Have you used any of our these Essences for meditation? We’d love to hear your experiences of working with these essences, so please do leave us a comment and share your experiences!

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