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Engaging With Life – Even in 2020

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Guest post by Jo Robson

I love the synchronicity that occurs when we are able to let life flow.  My journey with Valerian started with one of these moments.  I had finished my previous deep acting essence and I was wondering what essence would best support me going forward.  Sometimes I have a firm idea what issue I am wanting to explore; I might pick cards or see what prompts I get from life.  In this instance an email dropped into my inbox from Crystal Herbs with a blog post that focused on essences for grounding.

Connecting with my Higher Consciousness and the Divine

Valerian flower with a text quote

I browsed the suggested essences, the first was Valerian. I have written in my journal about my instant knowing that it was the essence I needed and the resentment that this also threw up.  I did not want to accept that I had a ‘deep reluctance to fully take part in life or to completely occupy [my] physical body’.  I wanted to be connecting with my higher consciousness and the divine not focusing on grounding and being in my body again – but what obvious signs that I needed the essence!

I have chosen to incarnate on the Earth at this time for a reason

There was a line in the Valerian description that particularly resonated with me ‘Recurring feelings of not wanting to be here’.  Yes!  That was it almost exactly the phrase that has been, in quiet moments, occupying my thoughts: ‘I don’t want to be here.’  This had been going on for some time and more persistently with the addition that ‘I just want to go home’.  It may seem strange but I have a deep knowing that I am from somewhere else and that I have chosen to incarnate on the Earth at this time for a reason.  In preparation for this lifetime I committed to living a life fully embodied on the Earth yet I recognise that I also need to make that commitment in this actual lifetime.  Just to clarify ‘I don’t want to be here’ was not in any way a suicidal thought, it was a really matter of fact statement of where I was.

Whilst recognising the resentment I was feeling and honouring that as part of the journey, I began taking Valerian.  Although I made few journal entries, the insights that I did record include an appreciation of the word ‘fully’ in the essence description.  The description on the Crystal Herbs website reads:

Those in need of the Valerian Essence might carry a deep reluctance to fully take part in life or to completely occupy their physical body due to past difficult experiences which, although long forgotten, continue to exert an unconscious influence on their personality.

Living but not fully taking part in life

Valerian Flower Essence on a bed of autumn leaves

Valerian Flower Essence from the Karmic Flower Essences

In the early stages of taking the essence I wrote: ‘I function in the world – I have a job, a relationship, a home, pets etc and I am able to fulfil the necessary functions to make this work – but that is it. I have little energy and desire to engage beyond the basics.  I am living but not fully taking part in life, I am not delving in and really experiencing the richness that is offered to me.’  The act of writing this article has helped me to recognise that I am still telling myself this story although it is no longer true!

The outcomes of taking this essence continue to reveal themselves.  I have recognised a willingness to engage more with life regardless of the unfolding of 2020! Taking more time to be in the moment, less worrying about the past or future, being in the now.  I did smile to myself when, several weeks after finishing the essence I thought ‘I want to be here; I want to experience more of this life’ – what a seismic shift!

The journey with Valerian continues; the other day the thought ‘I don’t want to be here’ popped up again. It was tempting to fall back into that old pattern but I was able to consciously choose not to go there.  I do not feel that I am yet fully committed to an embodied life on Earth but I recognise the substantial shift I have made.  I know my journey with Valerian is not over yet but I no longer hold the resentment I had previously towards taking it.  In fact, I am quite joyful at the prospect of another journey with Valerian and excited at where I may be at the end of that adventure.

Guest post by Jo Robson

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