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7 Signs You’re Ungrounded & the Best Essences for Grounding

Seven Essences for Grounding

We are often asked which essence to use when there are so many to choose from that address a similar theme. Today we’re exploring 7 essences for grounding your energy and deepening your connection to the Earth so you can choose the best essence for you.

7 Signs That You Could Be Ungrounded:

  • You are chaotic and disorganised, get distracted easily, find it difficult to concentrate and regularly forget what you were doing or talking about.
  • You have fears about your physical survival including money fears, fear of death or fear of illness.
  • You often feel exhausted, drift off or need lots of sleep.
  • You live in your imagination or mind instead of being present in the moment. You may experience this as regularly daydreaming about the future, over-thinking things, or dwelling on the past.  
  • You can’t feel your connection with your physical body so may not feel your feet on the ground, are out of touch with your physical needs (e.g. hunger, thirst, need for rest) or are physically unco-ordinated, bang into things and fall over.
  • You feel more at home in meditation, healing or spiritual practice than you do in your everyday life. You may secretly long to escape from earthly concerns and don’t always think about practical things like paying bills on time.
  • You don’t feel safe in your physical body or on the Earth, and may ‘check out’ when strong emotions get triggered.

Being ungrounded is very common, and many problems arise from not being able to stay grounded, present and connected to your body and the Earth. We suggest you notice which essence description resonates with you most and start with that essence.

Valerian for Not Feeling Engaged in Your Current Life

Valerian Flower

Valerian is one of the Karmic essences that relate to the 7 emotional groups discovered by Dr Bach. If you have regularly used Clematis, Honeysuckle, Chestnut Bud, Olive, Mustard, White Chestnut or Wild Rose from the Bach Flower Remedies then Valerian will help you to get under the surface to release the underlying reasons for needing any of those essences.

Valerian helps to illuminate the hidden patterns that stop you being fully present in this lifetime. Perhaps you feel a subconscious connection to other lifetimes which stops you from being fully committed to this one.  Many people have energetic connections to lifetimes in other star systems, Ancient Egypt, Lemuria or Atlantis and secretly yearn to return home. Sometimes there can be deeply buried ambivalence about incarnating into this life at all – a traumatic birth that can often be an indicator for this.  Valerian helps you to clear hidden beliefs and patterns that stop you from committing to life on Earth at this time.

Best choice if you yearn for happy times in other lifetimes and are ambivalent about this one.  

Base Chakra for Helping You Function in the Everyday World

Your Base Chakra is located at the base of the spine and helps form the basis for your energetic foundations. When it is functioning well you will feel grounded, safe, secure, abundant, and full of vitality. Your base chakra can get blocked by fears about your survival and safety, e.g. money fears and fears of illness or death. These types of fears make it difficult to function well in the world so you may find it hard to cope when you’re under pressure or struggle to manifest your creative ideas.

Other signs that your base chakra may not be functioning well include feeling disorientated, disorganised, indecisive, confused and lacking in vitality. These all indicate a lack of energy flow in the base chakra.

Best choice if you experience safety and survival fears, lack energy and can be disorganised or indecisive.

Being Present To Help You Stay Focused in the Now

Being Present Essence

Many spiritual teachings focus on the importance of being in the moment as the key to happiness and inner peace. While it sounds simple to do, most of us get regularly distracted from being in the moment. This combination helps you to stay fully present and focused in the moment, making it a useful essence if you often get spaced out or are easily distracted.

We all develop habits that make us unconsciously leave our bodies and avoid the present moment.  Common examples include keeping busy, over-using TV or social media, or getting absorbed in other people’s business. Being Present combination helps to draw your energy downwards for greater grounding and inwards to fully connect with yourself and your own energy so you can stay aware and attentive and make conscious, focused choices.

Best choice if you are easily distracted and often feel spaced out or inattentive.

Be Here Now To Stop You Checking Out Emotionally

One of the reasons why many people ‘check out’ and feel ungrounded is when strong uncomfortable emotions get triggered which can feel overwhelming. Because much of our emotional pain gets stored in our energy body from unprocessed childhood experiences, this tendency to ‘check out’ in emotionally charged situations often indicates that inner child wounds have been activated.

Be Here Now will help you stay grounded and present if you disengage from your emotions and find it difficult to consciously work on inner child issues. It helps you stay connected to your emotions, your body, and your inner experience while you transform old emotional energy that you’re ready to release.

Best choice if you check out emotionally and find it difficult to consciously work on your inner child.

Be Here Now Essence

Mother Earth to Clear Old Fears of Being on Earth

Mother Earth essence is specifically for when you have fears related to being on Earth. If you experienced shocking or traumatic situations affecting your physical safety on Earth as a child or adult the vibration of fear may still be held in your energy field long after the event is over. Shock and trauma can make you leave your body to stop you absorbing more than you can handle energetically at the time which often leaves you feeling that it’s not safe to come back.

On an energetic level you may also have an awareness of being on the Earth during times of transition and shock e.g. earthquakes, tidal waves, volcanoes, war and bombings in other lifetimes. These memories are stored at a deep subconscious level so have an impact even if you can’t consciously think of a reason for feeling unsafe. Mother Earth will help you to release these old memories so you feel safe and nurtured in your body and on the Earth.
Best choice if you feel fears of being in your body and on Earth.

Earth Star to Help You Assimilate Higher Frequencies of Light

Eath Star Essence

Earth Star is a Rainbow Light Body Essence which activates the Earth Star, part of your subtle anatomy system which is located below your feet. It is an anchor point for your physical and subtle bodies as well as for connecting to the energetic system of the earth. Activating the Earth Star plugs you into the planet through the Earth’s magnetic grid and ley lines and enable you to hold higher levels of consciousness.

It is particularly useful to keep you anchored during periods of transformation and transition, and if you are having difficulty adapting to the high frequency energies that are currently flowing into the Earth.

Best choice if you are going through transition or want to assimilate high frequency energies.

Earth Connection Spray for Swift Grounding and Stabilising

Essences sprayed into the auric field act very quickly and are especially helpful at those times when you feel temporarily out of balance or off centre. The Earth Connection spray will quickly help you to realign and rebalance if you are temporarily feel ungrounded or disconnected from your body, as well as working more deeply over time to clear the patterns, beliefs, thoughts and emotions that stop you from feeling connected to your body and the Earth.

Many of us carry unconscious patterns that make it difficult for us to fully activate our energetic connection with the Earth. We can also lose this connection and feel unsettled during times of transition on an inner level, during changes in our lives, and as a result of the shifts taking place within the energetic field of the Earth.

Use this spray to pull you firmly back into your body and help you to realign and stabilise your energetic foundations. It works very well alongside any of the other essences mentioned.

Best choice for swift grounding, stabilising, and reconnection with body and Earth.


Which of these descriptions resonates most with you? Have you used any of these essences and noticed the difference?

Jackie Stewart

Jackie Stewart has been using Crystal Herbs essences for 25 years and trained as a Flower and Vibrational Essence Practitioner in 1999. She joined the Crystal Herbs team in 2019 and is passionate about how essences help us open our hearts to co-create a world that thrives on Love.

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Maria Morrissey
Maria Morrissey
3 years ago

Catherine, Sam and all at Crystal Herbs, thank you for sharing this article. Feels so relevant, especially at this time but so often we all feel ungrounded. I’m sure anyone of us would benefit from reading it. Was a good reminder to me again to be aware of the “signs” I’m not as grounded as I might be!! Absolutely Love the Essences recommended. Thanks again ☺️ – Maria

Crystal Herbs
3 years ago

Thank you Maria! ♥ Yes it’s so easy to become ungrounded at the moment, especially with the energies being so strong and of course with all of the unprecedented things going on in the world at the moment. That’s where Essences are so useful – I regularly use the essences mentioned ( they are old friends!! ) either in the moment for quick grounding, or over a longer period to work with a deeper seated pattern. Sam ♥

Claire Tomlins
Claire Tomlins
3 years ago

Ecellent website. So much to choose from. I think it is the product of years of hard work. Thank you. Claire Tomlins

amrit kaur
amrit kaur
3 years ago

on the ungrounded issue, my son has at least 5 reasons that you mention, that apply to him, he is an adult.
he not touch alcohol,
Which essence shall i start on him , if there is non alcohol one.