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Transforming Grief: Essence Review for the Healing Bereavement Combination

Bleeding Heart Flower

Our focus for this month’s Essence Review is the Healing Bereavement – transforming grief combination from the Divine Harmony Essences.

Since the beginning of the year the opportunity to experience ourselves consciously from a multidimensional perspective has been steadily growing and continues to expand as the months go by. You might recognise this for yourself as a sense of inner freedom that was never there before, greater clarity and connection, an expanded perspective of life or simply a sense of calm centeredness within yourself. You may also have noticed that from time to time you hit a patch of turbulence in your emotional world where old issues suddenly seem more magnified and in your face. In our experience this often happens after you have opened yourself up to receive a new wave of high frequency energy – such as at the recent full moon for instance. Then it can feel as though suddenly you have fallen into a hole and temporarily lost that new and expansive feeling that you had been cultivating so excitingly. Often the emotions that are triggered at these times can feel unexpectedly sharp and difficult to deal with, especially as is so often the case, they have no obvious relevance to anything currently going on in your life.

One particular emotion currently surfacing for many people is that of grief. Suddenly out of nowhere feelings of grief, sadness and separation come into awareness, temporarily blocking out the beauty and joy of life. Difficult as this may feel at the time it really is an indication that we are moving deeper into unity consciousness and consequently needing to release the old grief and sadness that has kept us locked into an illusion of separateness from the rest of creation. Unresolved grief is very effective at closing the heart and can often make it difficult for us to fully trust in relationships as well as reducing our capacity to engage with and live life to the full. Easily feeling rejected is also a common experience when there are issues with unconscious, unresolved grief. It is perhaps helpful to recognise that the ancient memory of separating from the unity and oneness of All That Is, is at the root of the grief held in the human collective consciousness and that it is really this grief that is surfacing to be cleared so that we can into move into new levels of consciousness.

So if you have been experiencing feelings of grief, sadness or separation recently for no obvious reason or perhaps have experienced a recent loss or separation that you would like some support with, Healing Bereavement might be just the essence for you.

The Healing Bereavement Combination

Our Healing Bereavement combination is a powerful mix of deep acting Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences, designed specifically to support the release and transformation of vibrations of grief through all levels of your being. It is an excellent support for anyone consciously grieving the loss of a loved one whether that loss has been experienced recently or in the past. It is also equally effective for those wishing to work with the more unconscious states of grief & loss that can lead to those deep, painful feelings of sadness, separation and rejection.

The Healing Bereavement combination is part of the Divine Harmony Essences range and you can find it in the Flower Essence shop here or you can call us on 01379 608059 ( ++44 1379 608059 ) to find out more.


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