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Pink Rose Flower Essence – for Old Karmic Fears

Pink Rose

Our Essence Review this month is for the Pink Rose Flower Essence. Pink Rose is an excellent Essence for when you feel like you cannot get to the root of a deeply held fear, or for if you experience phobias or fears with no apparent cause in this lifetime.

Pink Rose Flower Essence

Pink Rose Flower Essence

Pink Rose Flower Essence

Essence Range:
Karmic Flower Essences

How to Use:
Take four drops on the tongue 3 or 4 times a day.
Full How to Use.

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Our focus for this month’s essence review is one of the Karmic Essences; Pink Rose.

Of the ten essences included in this set, seven relate directly to one of the personality groups identified by Dr Edward Bach. Each of these essences will help to release the unconscious beliefs that underpin the surface personality issues of a particular group.

Pink Rose is the deep acting Karmic Essence that relates to the Fear Group.

Working With Fear

The vibration of fear underpins many of the unconscious patterns that hold us into old habit loops and discourage us from making changes in life, even when we can clearly see that those changes would be beneficial for us.

Often, we cannot consciously connect with any real reason why we are afraid or sometimes even what we are afraid of, yet the block remains.

Fearful and traumatic experiences have been a part of life on Earth for thousands of years and many people still have the emotional memory of these experiences locked away in their unconscious.

For some people unreasonable amounts of fear can be triggered off by external events like natural disasters and conflicts taking place across the other side of the world.

Pink Rose is an excellent essence for anyone who feels that unconscious fear lies at the root of an old story, belief pattern or emotional issue

Currently there is a great deal of fear in the collective human emotional field because the events that we are all witnessing daily appear to be so chaotic and random it appears that our world is breaking apart.

For many this triggers unconscious memories from Atlantis when massive earth changes accompanied the breakup of civilisation and a huge fall in consciousness. It is important to recognise that we are not actually experiencing a re-run of this long-ago event and allow the fearful story attached to the unconscious memories to be dissolved so that we can all move on.

Pink Rose

Using Pink Rose to Help

From our experience over many years, Pink Rose is an excellent essence for anyone who feels that unconscious fear lies at the root of an old story, belief pattern or emotional issue. We have used it many times to create an inner shift that has allowed an old blockage to dissolve, leaving an expansion of perspective in its place.

It is not necessary for you to know what caused the initial problem for the fear to dissolve, but sometimes on taking the essence something will pop into awareness, giving you just enough information to understand what you need to move on.

How to Use

Take 4 drops 3 or 4 x a day directly from the stock bottle for as long as needed to create a shift in the energy of the pattern you are working with. The amount of time needed for this to happen can vary from a couple of days to a week or more depending on the circumstances. In our experience it is not unusual to finish a whole bottle before all possible transformation feels complete.

You could also use this essence to help promote a quick shift of energy in a pattern that you are working with. For instance, a few drops taken on the tongue or diffused into the auric field during a healing session, can be invaluable where old fears are holding you back.

We do not recommend giving Karmic Essences to children under 12 years of age.


Pink Rose Flower Essence

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