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Working with Fear – Finding Our Inner Calm


Many of us at this time of change and transformation are finding that our deeply held patterns of fear and anxiety are becoming ever more conscious as we begin to raise our level of awareness.

Raising our consciousness is the process of working with our emotions and our thought patterns. This process is often thought of as being rather like peeling the layers off an onion, revealing the many layers of patterning that we have experienced during the lifetimes that we have had on Earth. Through these lifetimes we have chosen to experience many different situations that will have had both their light and joyous sides, and also their darker sides. These darker sides are the times that we have experienced painful emotions, and emotional trauma, such as fear. It is often these more painful and traumatic events that form the ‘layers of the onion’.


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Fear can be a particularly powerful emotion. When we hold fears, they can have the effect of contracting our subtle energy system so that the divine flow of energy that we receive is greatly reduced or does not flow in harmony.

As we experience the fear we can feel that it is unsafe to be grounded here on Mother Earth, or we can feel afraid of connecting with others around us or the Universal energy. Experiencing fear is one of the powerful ways of enhancing the perception or illusion of being separate. If we look honestly at life, we can see that there are many ways that fear affects us.

Our experience of fear can be a subtle emotion, sometimes hiding just beneath our level of awareness, subtly affecting the way that we live our life. Sometimes it can be a very strong emotion that holds us in a rigid state of terror, or it can be a subtlety in between these two states.

The Origins of Fear

Like all emotions, the fear that we sometimes feel has its origins or roots in experiences that we have had in previous incarnations. The experiences that have been on our path, and that have helped to form the ‘layers of our onion’ are often varied! We may have experienced persecution, torture, death or loss. Events that have made us fearful of certain situations of energies. We might possibly fear stepping into our own power, or the consequences of stepping into our power.

Yet all of these fears would have built on what is often the very origin of fear which is the first time when we felt the illusion of separation from the Universe and others in it. All subsequent fears tend to be built on this fear, because, ultimately, fear can not exist when we experience the full connection between ourselves and the Universal Energies.

The Energy of Emotions

Any emotion or thought pattern is energy, so when we experience an emotion, we are having the experience of that energy. Unless we are able to release the energy of the emotion at the time of experiencing it, we store the emotion and the memory of the situation in our subtle energy bodies, and as the emotion is triggered in this lifetime, in the ‘now’, it feels real. This is what sometimes leads us to wonder why we are so afraid of something that often has no logical relationship to the experiences that we have had in this lifetime. Whether it be water, flying, enclosed spaces etc, our old echoes of the past have a strong resonance in this lifetime.

Working with Fear

Simply understanding that the root or origins of the different fears that we carry are not necessarily from this lifetime is a good starting place for beginning to understand how we might move forward and clear and release these old karmic patterns. Allowing ourselves to consciously connect with the feeling of being afraid or being fearful, rather than hiding or burying the feeling helps us enormously! We can spend a lot of time and energy trying not to feel how we really feel, often because there is a tendency to be afraid of the feeling, or because of the judgements that we have about a particular emotion. Acceptance and Forgiveness are powerful energies, and allowing ourselves to accept the feelings that we carry, and to forgive ourselves for feeling that way is part of the healing process. By working in this way we often begin to get the understandings that we need in order to release and clear the state. Often this might be simply recognising that we are afraid, sometimes it is recognising what we are really afraid of, and sometimes it can be reconnecting with the past life memory of what happened to create the fear in the first place.

This process is a way of working with all patterns, but fear is one of those emotions that does not always feel very comfortable or safe to feel, so often being a little extra aware of how we feel can help a lot.

Flower, Gem & Crystal Essence to Help

Inner Calm Essence

Using one of the Flower, Gem & Crystal essences for releasing and transmuting fear is a good way to support this process. Taking an essence such as the Inner Calm Combination, or the Pink Rose karmic flower essence can help to release the root or origin of the fear, so that the pattern or memory becomes more conscious, allowing us to understand and release it. The Bach Flower Remedies from Dr Bach’s fear group can also be very helpful in balancing the states as they come up, or balancing what is already there.

The Bach Flower Remedies in the fear group are – Mimulus, Aspen, Rock Rose, Cherry Plum & Red Chestnut.

Transforming the fears that can hold us back or make us want to run away from life can be a very powerful way of making change in our lives. Clearing and releasing our fear ultimately helps us to open our hearts more to the experience of unconditional love, allowing us to find a deep space of inner calm which resonates from within the heart, regardless of our external circumstances.

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