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Human Wholesaleness – Union of Spirit & Matter

The ancient symbol of the six pointed star

Six Pointed Star

The ancient symbol of the six pointed star, with its two interlocking triangles, is the universal symbol of human wholeness and represents the union of spirit and matter. When we are able to maintain this union the energetic connections between the physical and non physical aspects of ourselves are complete and we function as a WHOLE human being.

The physical aspect then receives energy and wisdom from the Soul while the Soul receives information and learning from the physical. The Soul is able to guide and direct the personality. What we call good health is just one of the results of this union. Love, Joy Abundance, and Unity with all of creation are some of the others!

The Downward Facing Triangle

Down Triangle

The triangle pointing downwards represents physicality and life on the material plane. The personality /ego can dominate here, leading to a belief that the physical plane is all that there is. The life lessons and levels of consciousness related to the first three chakras – Base, Sacral & Solar Plexus – must be at least partly mastered in order for our overall level of consciousness to have reached the level where we seek connection with the higher aspects of ourselves.

At this point the fourth chakra – the Heart – starts to open moving our consciousness away from the purely material towards a recognition of the spiritual planes. When we are not consciously aware of this process the personality /ego can get stuck in lower vibrational frequencies such as anger, fear, guilt, doubt, despair, resentment etc. – restricting our growth and eventually contributing to illness and disease in the physical body. These patterns also create our reality/life experiences as the energy we put out – consciously or unconsciously – will attract back energy of a similar vibrational frequency.

Over the last several thousand years the majority of humanity have been returning to incarnation over and over again to mastered these aspects of personality. It is only since 1987 and the Harmonic Convergence that progress has begun to be made in this area. As we move further into the 21st century it is becoming obvious that many more people are now searching for new truths and higher learning.

The Upward Facing Triangle

Up Triangle

The triangle pointing upwards represents higher consciousness and the spiritual planes. As we work with the life lessons and attain the levels of consciousness related to the Throat, Brow and Crown Chakras we begin to have access to the higher aspects of ourselves and the forces of our Soul, which connect us consciously with Source.

New understandings and truths flow in from this connection. As we learn to live according to these higher understandings and to maintain the related levels of consciousness in our everyday lives we are eventually able to maintain a permanent connection between the two aspects of ourselves. We then experience Unity Consciousness.

Unity Consciousness

Unity Consciousness

In Unity Consciousness we fully recognise our unity with all of creation and recognise that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. Consequently we use our creative powers for the good of the Whole.

Unity Consciousness is the next step in human evolution and despite how it might currently appear from world events, there is a real possibility that many humans now in incarnation will be able to achieve this state of consciousness in their current lifetimes. As more and more people focus on this as their goal it makes it more attainable for all.

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