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Looking at the ‘Lie’ within our Beliefs

Beliefs & Thoughts

If you look carefully at the word BELIEF and you will notice that it contains the word LIE as an integral part of its structure. Since there is no such thing as a coincidence in our world lets look into what this interesting fact might have to offer us. Both metaphysical wisdom and leading edge scientific knowledge now clearly show us that our thoughts and belief patterns are instrumental in creating the reality in which we live, both personally and globally. However, even the most casual appraisal of our current common reality would make it abundantly clear that we have yet to truly implement this knowledge in any meaningful way, despite our best endeavours.

So lets take a moment to look more closely into whether we could all be unwittingly contributing to a collective ‘lie’, hidden within our current belief system.

Where do these all-important beliefs actually come from?

From the moment that we are born we start to develop beliefs, gathering our information from those apparently older and wiser in the world around us. We also bring with us from other lifetimes many stored unconscious memories, both mental and emotional, that will contribute to our newly forming belief structure. Generally this is a very unconscious process, which results in the accumulation of many deeply embedded beliefs that remain largely out of reach of everyday awareness.

Obviously some of our beliefs are positive and helpful ones, however many are not, resulting in a self-defeating subliminal messaging program. It can be quite a shock when we discover the extent of the ‘lies’ that we are daily repeating to ourselves in this underground program. Statements like; ‘I can’t do It’, ‘I will never be good enough’, ‘The world is not safe’, ‘I am not lovable’ etc. are just a few examples from among the many ‘lies’ that we often unknowingly repeat to ourselves on a daily basis, until we take charge of the process and choose to make changes.

All these ‘little lies’ stem from the one main ‘big lie’ that is at the root of our current collective belief system – namely that we are separate from each other and from our Source. So the more conscious we can become of the ‘lies’ within our beliefs the quicker we will be able to remember the truth that we are all one.

Some Essences to Help

Vibrational essences can provide powerful help with the process of clearing out our old beliefs. They gently help us to bring into consciousness the old deeply unconscious beliefs that underpin our current reality and gradually inspire us to move to the next level of consciousness from which we can more clearly see the Truth.

Crystal Herbs

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