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The Significance of 11 11 11

11-11-11 Gateway

The vibrational resonance of the date 11 11 11 carries both the opportunity for new beginnings as expressed through the vibration of the number one and the potential for revelation, greater unity and spiritual connection represented by the master number 11. Over recent years, as we have moved ever closer to 2012, dates with vibrational signatures like the 11 11 11 have become significant as energy portals or gateways through which new high frequency energy can be sent into the planet to promote the expansion of consciousness necessary for us to evolve into a 5th dimensional consciousness.

The powerful, high frequency, energies that will flood into our planet through the 11 11 11 gateway this year will trigger ancient codes within our energy fields that will align us more fully with 5th dimensional consciousness and the pathway of ascension that we are all collectively walking at this time. The more consciously we are able to work with this energy the more it will be able to expand our awareness, help break up old patterns and enhance our connection with our multidimensional selves and the Divine.

This year there will be a great focus of attention around the world on the 11 11 11 as many people of like minds and hearts join together to receive and anchor this energy as it flows into the planet. This in its self makes this a powerful date so no matter where you are on 11 11 11 at 11 o’clock take a few minutes to connect your intention for transformation with that of the group consciousness through the power of the One Heart and become a part of the collective bridge that will allow this energy to anchor fully into the earth.

Since we all have different perceptions and understandings there is naturally a diversity of information about the significance of the 11 11 11 gateway. What we have written here is simply our take on it so here are a couple of links to sites with other interesting viewpoints you might also like to check out.




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