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My Date With Pink Rose

My date with Pink Rose – by Maureen Jones

Pink Rose - Queen Elizabeth

When I was on the CVM course learning about the Karmic Essences I got the strong sense that at some time in the future it would do me good to work with Pink Rose. I had identified a very strong fear element in so many aspects of my life and on the physical side, I had long history of exercise induced Asthma [ mild ] and the occasional eruption of Eczema – all potentially fear/grief based from all the things I had read.

This year has seen a really big increase in frequency and severity of these Asthma episodes so I decided my time to meet Pink Rose was now! I took 4 drops twice a day for five days and then stopped because I had an awful flu-like cold and felt dreadful. On the third day after I stopped the essence my chest went into spasm and my ability to breathe at all seemed to be failing fast!

So what was really going on here, what was the message for me? Initially I did not have a clue. It was taking everything I had to deal with the physical experience, but as time has gone on I have gained some insights which I would like to share with you if I may.

A couple of the clearings that I have had over the last year have been on a very deep cellular level so it did not seem unreasonable to assume that this was along the same lines. The intuitive guidance of a colleague immediately prior to my decision to take Pink Rose was that I had now moved more into my feminine aspect but there was a resistance to allowing the male aspect in. This could be that my memories of male energy were frightening in some way, not to be trusted and even may have resulted in my death at some time which of course is true for a lot of us. There must be a balance of the male and female energies for things to work properly. I must admit here that all this seemed a bit above my grasp of understanding at the time; I knew that this information was accurate but I could not relate to it.

During this time I was led to read some paragraphs from “Signposts” by Denise Lynn where she said that every experience you have is filled with signs regarding your life and every sign will emanate from your beliefs. A belief is a thought or perception that you consider to be a reality. She also suggests that you can get clues by looking at the area of your body affected and also examine the emotions that you have surrounding the problem and feel what it is telling you. I read the information on Lungs – that they often reflect suppressed grief but they also “represent the breath of life and taking in life, as well as taking charge of your life. Are you living life to full capacity?” It was this last part that really connected with me. I love walking the peaks with family and friends but my breathing difficulties have made this increasingly more difficult and I resent it because it stops me getting the maximum enjoyment that I know is possible, it makes me a weak link, a liability and I hold everyone back which makes me very feel angry about myself and brings with it lots of guilt.

Pink Rose Essence

When I was working with Kuthumi’s “Turning of the Tide” meditation on 11:11 I was given the information that this was a clearing experience and I must relax into it. The Masters confirmed I had been locked in fear for a very long time and it was my memories that were keeping me there… it was time to let them go.

If I look at all of this information what does it reveal? My interpretation would be this. For some reason in the past I have made a negative judgement about male energy and that has become a belief pattern. It was such a deep unconscious one that I had no idea it was there and that may explain why I found it so difficult to relate to my colleague’s guidance. This belief is as restrictive to my spiritual advancement as my Asthma is to my physical and I would guess that the feelings of anger and resentment that I have toward the breathing difficulties are also directed at the male energy. I have always known that I hold a lot of anger and aggression toward men in certain situations but what I had not grasped until now is that on some level, I was so frightened of that energy I was blocking that part of myself.

Was my date with Pink Rose worth it? Absolutely! It has brought into my consciousness a very restricting belief pattern that has to be cleared if I am going to move forward toward achieving my full potential. In loosening the fear it has enabled other emotions that have been suppressed to come to the surface and that can only be a good thing.


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