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Karmic Essences

ValerianAs we have just updated the definitions for the Karmic Essences ( check out here ), we thought that we’d offer you a new perspective on how to use this powerful set of ten essences. Recently we recognised that since these essences were first developed in the early 1990’s the vibrational frequency has risen enormously on the planet and our capacity to absorb and use high frequency energy has become correspondingly greater.

In the light of this we suggest that you try using the Karmic Essences in a slightly different way. They have always been a powerful way to bring old patterns into consciousness awareness and to help the crystallized energy behind them transform and release. However the time that this takes to happen has changed a lot in our experience and can now take place in a matter of hours rather than days or weeks. We have found that just taking a few doses of the appropriate Karmic Essence as we recognise an old state arising has created a powerful clearing that has left us feeling completely different in a very short space of time. So if you find yourself unaccountably feeling fear try a few doses of Pink Rose to promote a quick shift of the underlying issues. Maybe you might find that you have a tendency to experience sudden feelings of loneliness or isolation, in which case try Water Lily to quickly move you into a new space. Yellow Rattle will quickly move you past any feelings of despair while Valerian will pull you right back into the present moment and bring into your awareness why you unconsciously fall into this pattern. The ever popular White Bluebell, Wild Orchid and Wild Iris are the other three Karmic Essences. You can use the three Trinity Essences in this set; Fuchsia, Geranium & Lily in a similar way. We especially find the Fuchsia essence a wonderful support for those days when you just can’t quite open your heart enough to get the higher perspective on a situation. A few doses of Fuchsia will quickly release any old emotions blocking the heart chakra and leave you feeling able to see a completely new perspective within a very short space of time.

Of course all these essences can still be used over a period of time and it is not unusual to find that insights will continue to flow if you continue to take a particular essence for a week or more.

Karmic Essences

We would love to have your feedback so do write or email us any experiences of taking these essences that you would like to share. We always enjoy hearing from you all!


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