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Some Helpful Essences for the Winter Months

Etheric Body Essences

As usual we would like to highlight a few essences that might be particularly helpful over the coming month. Lets start with some support for those experiencing difficulty with colds and ‘flu.

We highly recommend the Strength & Wellbeing combination from the Wellbeing Combinations for anyone who needs energetic support for any form of problem caused by a virus. This combination will help to stimulate the body’s natural ability to restore order and balance and can be used to very good effect by itself or alongside any other form of treatment you might be receiving.

Pansy is also an excellent essence for all to take over the next few months as it acts as an energetic immune system boost, and a preventative against many winter ‘bugs’. Great for children to help prevent winter snuffles. In this situation children up to age 7 should take a dose of Pansy once a day while older children should take it twice a day for a month or so. More deep acting help for adults is to be had from the Thymus Activation from the Light Body Essences. This essence stimulates the energetic blueprint for the Thymus gland, which of course is very important in good immune system function.

For those who are feeling tired and depleted of energy an Etheric Body essence from the Light Body Essences would be very helpful. The Etheric Body is the energetic blueprint for the physical body and can become depleted when there are many calls on our inner resources, leaving us feeling physically weak and tired.

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