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Balance, Harmony & Equilibrium – The Octahedron Essence

Octahedron Essence - close up of a 10ml & 25ml bottle

Octahedron Essence Review

The focus of our Essence Review this month is the Octahedron Essence from our Platonic Solid & Sacred Geometry Essences range.

Three bottles of Octahedron Essence from the Platonic Solid Essences range. 10ml & 25ml bottles and 30ml spray bottle

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Essence Range: Platonic Solid Essences

Adult How to Use: Take four drops on the tongue 3 – 4 times a day. Full How to Use

Essence Type: Single Vibrational Essence | Stock Level

All the essences in this set are made from sacred geometric shapes, which are part of the universal design system through which the energies of creation organize themselves into form. You could think of them as vessels through which life force energy, light, sound and colour are focussed into form. As such they carry consciousness and can act as powerful reminders to our energetic system of our original matrix or blueprint.

Octahedron Essence

The Octahedron Essence promotes the qualities of balance, harmony and equilibrium at all levels of our being. It carries a reminder of the need for the balance of spirit and matter or ‘as above, so below’.

The Octahedron is an important aspect of our own basic energy field and creates the foundational layer for the other layers of our light body to build from. Along with creative visualisation the Octahedron Essence can help you to establish this layer of your energy field more strongly. This might be particularly helpful if you find it difficult to stay centred and balanced when there is a lot going on around you.

In this situation spray yourself liberally with Octahedron Essence and visualise yourself standing inside your own personal Octahedron shape, making sure that you leave everything else on the outside of it. The ‘everything else’ might be something taking place around you in your physical world or it might be overload from too much digital input, for instance from the daily news. If you make this a regular practice you will find that it becomes much easier to retain a sense of balance and perspective on what is going on in your world.

The Octahedron Platonic Solid shape - 8 faces - air element

The platonic solid shape of the Octahedron is associated with the element of air so the essence will also promote calmness in the mental body and greater inner knowing through connection with the higher mind.

How to Use

The Octahedron Essence is available in both 10ml and 25ml dropper bottles as well as a 30ml spray. For the dropper bottles, take 4 drops on the tongue 3 or 4 x a day, continuing until the bottle is finished. In spray form, spray liberally into your auric field for a quick energetic re-balance or use over a period of time to support more permanent transformation.

We particularly enjoy using the Platonic Solid & Sacred Geometry Essences in spray form because of the immediacy of the effects they produce when used in this way.

Three bottles of Octahedron Essence from the Platonic Solid Essences range. 10ml & 25ml bottles and 30ml spray bottle

You can order a bottle in our shop here:

Octahedron Essence

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We hope you’ve enjoyed our look at Octahedron Essence. We’d love to hear your experiences of working with this essence or working with the related issues, so please do leave us a comment and share your experiences!

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Octahedron Essence - close up of a 10ml & 25ml bottle
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Catherine is a director at Crystal Herbs and has been with us since the early 1990’s. She is a trained essence practitioner, energy healer, teacher and workshop leader. She loves creating vibrational essences and greatly enjoys making the mother tinctures that allow us to provide our wide range of flower, gem & crystal essences. Her passion is to provide the knowledge, wisdom and tools that will support others to find greater harmony, well-being and spiritual fulfilment in their lives.

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