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Boundaries, Self Worth & Emotions: Solar Plexus Chakra Essence

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Solar Plexus Chakra Essence

The solar plexus chakra is all about operating from your centre with a healthy sense of self-esteem and the power and presence of your true self

What Is The Solar Plexus Chakra?

Your Solar Plexus chakra is a subtle energy centre that is located in your etheric body in the area of your stomach. When it is functioning well you experience healthy personal boundaries, balanced personal power and sovereignty, positive self-value and the constructive use of will power.

How to Tell if Your Solar Plexus Chakra is Out of Balance

Energetic blockages occur in the solar plexus chakra because of imbalances relating to personal power, anger, boundaries, self-worth and emotional neediness.

Solar Plexus Chakra Body Map

The solar plexus chakra is all about operating from your centre with a healthy sense of self-esteem and the power and presence of your true self. A key aspect of this is the ability to maintain positive, healthy personal boundaries so that you stay in your own energetic space instead of aligning with the vibrations of those around you.

Signs that your Solar Plexus chakra may be out of balance include feeling over-sensitive and vulnerable because you’re too open to other people’s thoughts & feelings or other negative psychic impressions. Low self-worth, lack of confidence, difficulty expressing anger in a healthy way and an overly active mental body are also indications that your solar plexus chakra needs support.

Power imbalances including feeling fearful or disempowered around authority figures and controlling or subtly manipulating others to get your needs met are also signs of imbalances in the solar plexus chakra.

What Causes Issues in the Solar Plexus Chakra?

Manipura - Solar Plexus Chakra Symbol

Many of us have old unconscious patterns and belief patterns running below the surface of our awareness that prevent us from fully embodying our personal power and individual sovereignty.

These imprints come from our experiences growing up and in particular from the way that our parents or caregivers behaved when we were young children. We unconsciously absorb patterns of behaviour from those around us at that time, whether these are positive or not. These are often not things that we can access with our logical mind because they were imprinted into our unconscious long before our mind had developed enough to function as a conscious filter. If we want to let go of these old patterns, we need to take some time to explore the stories, beliefs and patterns that we’ve absorbed unconsciously.

Signs that solar plexus chakra issues are coming into your awareness so that they can be transformed include feeling a desire to break free from the restriction of conditional love or co-dependency, a need to stand more fully in your own power and truth, a recognition that you can no longer continually over step your boundaries to please others, or a strong resistance to being manipulated by individuals or by societal norms. Do you resonate with any of these?

‘I Must Make Sure That Everyone Is OK’

With the solar plexus chakra, one of the big unconscious imprinted patterns that many people have from childhood is a version of the story that goes: ‘In order to get my needs met or to be loved, I must make sure that everyone around me is OK’. In this situation, no-one around us is modelling self-empowerment, rather they are playing out a game of co-dependency.

One of the big unconscious patterns many people have is a version of the story that goes: ‘In order to get my needs met or to be loved, I must make sure that everyone around me is OK’. In this situation, no-one around us is modelling self-empowerment, rather they are playing out a game of co-dependency

If your birth family was dysfunctional enough to leave you feeling unsafe then this is often the coping strategy that you employ to deal with that situation. We then carry this on in later life becoming a fixer of other people’s problems often to the detriment of ourselves.

In this situation we can be very reluctant to step into our own power because unconsciously we feel we will not be safe, loved or acknowledged for who we are if we do. You might now be finding yourself feeling increasingly disempowered, unloved, angry, frustrated and/or afraid. These hidden beliefs and emotions are like glue when it comes to trying to step out of a pattern until we can see them for what they are – just something from the past that is no longer useful.

Unhealthy power dynamics operate as a polarity where at one end we have the possibility of being a persecutor and at the other extreme a victim. Without doubt we have all had experiences in which we have acted out both ends of this polarity.

Fear of abusing our power can be a compelling but hidden reason we might now be struggling to step into the full potential of the solar plexus chakra. It is also easy to get stuck on the victim end of this polarity and fail to see that blaming others for our situation simply holds the old pattern in place until we make new choices.

Taking flower, gem & crystal essences is a powerful way to help ourselves unlock and transform the hidden belief patterns and related emotional issues that make it difficult for us to fully move out of an old redundant pattern.

What Does The Solar Plexus Chakra Essence Do?

Two bottles of Solar Plexus Chakra Essence

The Solar Plexus Chakra Essence is a powerful combination of deep-acting Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences that can help you to experience personal power, sovereignty, self-worth and healthy energetic boundaries.

The Solar Plexus Chakra Essence is all about healthy personal boundaries, self-worth, and personal empowerment. It’s a great essence to use if you have difficulties with self-empowerment, self-worth and power issues of any kind. It helps you to stay centred and connected to yourself so you can maintain healthy positive boundaries and feel inner confidence without seeking approval from others.

It also helps balance the emotional and mental bodies, so if you have an over-active mental body with busy thoughts and an overly logical approach to life or have difficulties with aggression and anger then the solar plexus chakra essence could be a good choice for you.

The Solar Plexus Chakra Essence could be a good choice if you:

  • Feel over-sensitive and vulnerable
  • Get invaded by thoughts, feelings, or negative psychic impressions in your environment
  • Feel sensations of unease and discomfort in the solar plexus chakra area
  • Often feel exhausted when you’re in crowded places
  • Have difficulty maintaining positive personal boundaries
  • Don’t value yourself
  • Have issues with power and control
  • Feel emotionally needy & seek approval from others
  • Have an active mental body with busy thoughts & overly logical approach to life

Key benefits of Solar Plexus Chakra Essence:

  • Balanced personal power and use of will
  • Self-definition & self-worth
  • Strong, positive personal boundaries
  • Positive emotional expression
  • The ability to stay centred in your own energetic space
  • The awareness that you can choose which vibrations you entertain in your personal space
  • Greater self-awareness and mastery of self

Essences in Solar Plexus Chakra Combination

Dandelion flower
  • Pearl – balances the emotions and cleanses the solar plexus chakra
  • Moonstone – soothes the emotional body, promotes unconditional love and intuition
  • Rose of Sharon – helps to release and transform vibrations of anger from the solar plexus chakra
  • Luffa – helps with defining boundaries and calms the mental body
  • Dandelion – balances the emotions and soothes the mind
  • Buttercup – promotes self-worth, self-esteem and confidence
  • Garlic – releases fear and anger and promotes positive thinking
  • Octahedron – aids balance, harmony & stayed centred in your own energetic space

How to Use

An effective dose for most adults is four drops on the tongue 3 or 4 x a day, straight from the stock bottle. For best results take consistently for a period of two to four weeks.
We don’t recommend taking any essences other than Bach Flower Remedies at the same time since the Chakra Essences work deeply into the energetic system to make lasting change and transformation.

Solar Plexus Chakra Essences - 10ml & 25ml bottles

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Essence Range: Chakra Essences

Adult How to Use: Four drops on the tongue 3 – 4 x a day… Full How to Use

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Tips for Working With your Solar Plexus Chakra

Bottle of Solar Plexus Chakra Essence with flowers in the background
  • When you work with essences consciously, it helps to facilitate deeper inner transformation. Here’s our tips for getting the most out of your essence-taking journey with the Solar Plexus Chakra Essence.
  • Give yourself time every day to connect with how you are thinking and feeling. Particularly notice what situations in life cause you to feel disempowered or trigger off an old control pattern.
  • Pay attention to any situations that trigger off feelings of oversensitivity and vulnerability and be conscious about how you respond to those feelings. If things feel difficult, take some time to breathe and centre yourself in your heart to deepen your connection with yourself and how you are feeling.
  • Prioritise taking caring of your own needs if you’re usually focused on other people, and allow your emotions, thoughts and feelings to come more into your conscious awareness so that they can release and clear through.
  • Reflect on the messages you received about boundaries and personal power in childhood and see what patterns, beliefs and coping mechanisms you picked up or chose to take on to help you deal with the situations you faced.
  • Be very mindful of whether you are reacting or consciously choosing your response as you interact with the people and situations in your life.
  • Be kind, gentle and patient with yourself – unconscious childhood beliefs about getting your needs met or receiving love could come to the surface in your close relationships which can feel vulnerable or uncomfortable at times. Simply notice that these are childlike feelings being released so that you can step into your sovereignty as an empowered adult.

You might also find the following Bach Flower Remedies a helpful support:

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