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New Flower Essence Labels

New Flower Essence Labels - Close up of 10ml Bottles

We’re delighted to share our new labels for our single Flower Essences! We have a regular cycle of making new Mother Tinctures and we often add new essences, but one thing we haven’t done for many years is to update the labelling for these single Essences. So finally, here we are! It’s long been a desire to include a picture of the flower on the labels and after collecting together all of the required images ( not all of the ones we had before worked well on the labels! ) we have completed the upgrade and together they make a very beautiful collection.

Have a look through the images below and let us know what you think!

About the Single Flower Essences

These single Flower Essences are a wonderful resource for anyone who enjoys using Flower Essences and they are also the foundation of the combination essences that we offer ( Divine Harmony Essences, Chakra Essences etc ). You can explore our large selection, from Agapanthus to Zinnia, all handmade with love and care, here: Single Flower Essences


New 10ml Flower Essence LabelsNew Flower Essence Labels - 10ml & 25mlFlower Essence Self Select Set - 25mlFlower Essence Collection Set - 25mlFlower Essence Collection Set - 10mlFlower Essence Self Select Set - 10mlFlower Essence Self Select Set - 10ml - with standing bottles
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Rita Smink
Rita Smink
3 months ago