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How Flower Essences Help Recovery from Trauma

Montage Image Flower Essences for Trauma - Star of Bethlehm, Larimar and Healing Abuse Essences

Have you been wondering whether flower, gem and crystal essences can help you to release trauma from your energetic system? This is the first of two posts exploring how trauma affects you emotionally and energetically so that you can discover the most suitable flower essences to help recovery from trauma.

What is Trauma and How Does it Affect You?

‘Trauma is not what happens to you but what happens inside you… as a result of the difficult or hurtful events that befall [you].’ Gabor Mate

‘Trauma is not what happens to you but what happens inside you… as a result of the difficult or hurtful events that befall [you]’ Gabor Mate. Some trauma experts differentiate between ‘big-T Trauma’; the impact of shocking, disturbing or distressing events (e.g. abuse, violence, racism) that overwhelm the system, and the more pervasive ‘small-T trauma’ which arises from lack of emotional connection, not being seen, heard or fully accepted in childhood.

All types of trauma affect you long after the traumatic events themselves have ended because the energetic imprint of trauma remains in your system until you are able to metabolise your experiences, heal from their impact and move on.

How Do Flower Essences Help You to Release Trauma?

Single Flower Essences

Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences have an important contribution to make in the healing of trauma at an energetic level.  They are very effective for helping you to release the old emotional imprints from any kinds of traumatic experiences so that you can recover from what’s happened and move on with your life feeling calm, safe and connected.

Essences restore balance at energetic, emotional and mental levels by breaking up the density of crystallised emotions, beliefs, thoughts, and patterns in your subtle energy system. This enables the emotional charge of the trauma you’ve experienced to dissipate so that the energy can be released.

Flower Essences Aid Emotional and Energetic Balance After Trauma

Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences (aka vibrational essences) work primarily by restoring balance on emotional and energetic levels so they will take you on an inner journey that allows feelings and sensations which were too overwhelming at the time to be felt and released in a safe and gentle way. They’re effective for helping you to feel your feelings, emotions and sensations if you’ve been feeling numb, dissociated, withdrawn or shut down.  And, conversely, if you experience very intense, painful or uncomfortable emotions then essences will help to alleviate the discomfort by bringing you greater balance and peace.

Vibrational Essences help you to develop your capacity to stay present with yourself, so that you can feel what needs to be felt at emotional and energetic levels and release the associated emotional energy appropriately.

Flower Essences Restore Connection to Your Body After Trauma

Body, Chakras and Subtle Bodies

When trauma occurs, it typically ruptures your connection with your body because you feel threatened. Vibrational Essences can help you to reconnect with your body and find feelings of safety after trauma so that you can experience bodily sensations and release memories that are held within the body. This enables old trauma imprints to find a somatic release without you necessarily needing to talk about, remember or try to make sense of what happened at the time. Your sensations can be felt, released and integrated without retraumatising you.

Flower Essences Help You to Reconnect With All Parts of Yourself

Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences restore inner feelings of safety and security which means that you are able you to reconnect with all parts of yourself in a conscious and loving way. On an energetic level, Essences bring your system up to date so that you can be more present in the moment instead of unconsciously reacting to life as though trauma from the past is still happening. As this happens, you get to know yourself at the deeper level of your soul instead of responding to life from outdated personality patterns that you unconsciously adopted as coping mechanisms.

Flower Essences Help You to Step Into Your Soul Power

Trauma can make your world very small and disconnect your from your true self or soul because you are unconsciously trying to keep safe all the time.  When you bring the balancing frequencies of Vibrational Essences into your system, they are not only releasing the old trauma imprints but they are also helping you to discover who you are as a unique soul with a unique purpose in life. By reconnecting you with all parts of yourself, Essences can help you to step fully into your power and experience all the beauty and wonder that life has in store for you when you live in alignment with your soul.

Top Flower Essences for Trauma Healing

Revival Remedy bottles

These are the essences we recommend most for healing from trauma and you will find more personal suggestions for different aspects of trauma recovery in our next blog post.

Are you feeling fearful or panicky? Revival Remedy helps to restore core feelings of calmness and stability, and will support you to stay present and connected to your body so that shock and trauma can be released effectively. It can also be used in the moment when something distressing, shocking or disturbing happens so that you can integrate what’s happening at the time instead of becoming traumatised by it.

Are you feeling numb or shut down? Star of Bethlehem is particularly useful if you feel numb, dissociated, disconnected, withdrawn, subdued or shut down as a result of shocking or distressing incidents. Star of Bethlehem restores comfort and connection after shock or trauma, helps to release energy blocks, and aids recovery and reintegration after distressing events. It’s one of the essences in the Revival Remedy combination.

Do you feel destabilised and off balance after trauma?  Larimar Essence is our ‘go to’ essence for balancing and stabilising your system after shock or trauma. It repairs damage to the etheric body and neutralises vibrations of shock and trauma. It is a powerful energetic stabiliser that promotes balance and calm, and works on many levels to help you cope after distressing events.

The Feeling Safe Essence - 10ml and 25ml size bottles

Do you feel a sense of threat or danger? Feeling Safe Essence is a combination of essences that help to dissolve the belief that ‘the world is not a safe place’. Choose Feeling Safe if you never feel safe, if you sense threat even when none is present, have difficulty trusting that life will look after you, or have a vague unjustifiable feeling that something dreadful is ‘just around the corner’. It helps to restore feelings of inner security, emotional stability and trust that can be shattered by traumatic events.

Do you feel scared or apprehensive? Inner Calm Essence helps to transform conscious and unconscious fears and worries including feeling that you’re not safe in your body or on Mother Earth, fear of connecting with others, fear of stepping into your power, fear of something terrible happening, fear of persecution, violence or attack. By releasing deep and buried fears, Inner Calm Essence can help you to more calm, secure, courageous and fearless.

Do you want to release childhood trauma? Peace Essence is a combination of flower, gem and crystal essences for deep healing on all levels. When you experience traumatic events in childhood, your emotional responses to these events often get suppressed because it’s too much for a child’s system to cope with. Trauma in your early years causes a ripple effect which continues to affect you until you have the capacity to release it.  Use Peace Essence to bring traumatic memories, thoughts and emotions into the light of your conscious awareness so they can be gently released and transmuted.

Do you feel physically unsafe or ungrounded? Base Chakra Essence is an excellent choice if you have fears and insecurities about your physical safety and survival, have difficulties with grounding or staying present, or if you lack vitality. Other signs that it is a good choice include being disorientated, unfocused, disorganised, indecisive or difficulty dealing with the pressures of life. Use Base Chakra Essence to help you to feel more grounded, focused, organised, safe and secure.

Do you feel fragmented or not fully yourself? Soul Retrieval Essence is a combination of flower, gem and crystal essences chosen to restore connection with ‘lost’ or missing parts of yourself. When you experience shock, emotional stress or trauma, parts of the personality can splinter off to avoid feeling the related emotional pain. It’s an excellent choice if you feel ungrounded and detached from your body, fragmented, or not fully yourself.

Healing Abuse Essence bottles

Have you experienced abuse? Healing Abuse Essence is a deep acting combination of flower, gem and crystal essences to transform any issues relating to abuse. It’s an excellent essence for releasing deeply buried trauma from abuse because it helps to dissolve shock and fear and restore courage and safety. It also helps to restore feelings of dignity and self worth, and release unconscious beliefs about being a victim or deserving what happened.

Let Us Know If You Need Any Help or Advice

We hope you’ve found this guide to flower essences for trauma useful. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us by email or phone if you would like more personalised advice about which essences to take – Contact Us.

You can also find more essence suggestions for Shock and Trauma here.

Please Note: Flower, gem and crystal essences do not replace treatment from a qualified trauma therapist, and we recommend seeking professional support when required.

How to Use Your Essences

White Chestnut flowers and Remedy

Bach Flower Remedies

Use 1-8 Bach Flower Remedies at a time. Put 4 drops of each remedy in a glass of water or put 4 drops of each directly on your tongue. Alternatively, make a combination bottle (see leaflet for more information). Take Bach Flower Remedies 6-8 x a day.

Deeper Acting Essences

Essences: Use one deeper acting essence at a time and put 4 drops on your tongue 3-4 x a day. For best results, do not add to a glass of water or combination bottle.

Sprays: Spray liberally into your auric field 4 x a day or 2 sprays on the tongue 4 x a day.
With all flower, gem and crystal essences we recommend you continue until the bottle is finished or you notice a difference in how you are feeling.

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Share Your Experiences…

Have you used any of our these Essences for shock and trauma? We’d love to hear your experiences of working with these essences, so please do leave us a comment and share your experiences!

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