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Each month of the year brings forward it’s own special energy and particular looked forward to delights. For us in the northern hemisphere August is the height of summer, school is out and many people take their annual holiday sometime during this month. There is a sense of freedom from routine and the possibility of new adventure in the air. For those who love the summer sun like us, August can also be a slightly bittersweet month too, as it is the last month of real summer before the arrival of autumn. We were reflecting on this feeling the other day and recognising that it is probably an unconscious legacy from childhood when the end of August also marked the start of a new school term and the end of freedom for what in those days, seemed such a long time.

Energetic August

However, while August might be a traditional holiday month for us in this part of the world, energetically it promises to be anything but restful. Rather, it promises to continue to bring forward more of the powerful energies of change that we have all been working with on an ongoing basis throughout this year. Firstly this month we have another lunar eclipse at the full moon on Aug 6th (0.55 GMT) in Aquarius. As a penumbral eclipse this will not appear such a big event to the naked eye but we will certainly feel it energetically as it helps us to illuminate and bring forward hidden aspects of ourselves. This is very much a theme this month as the ongoing conjunction between Neptune, Chiron & Jupiter, also in Aquarius, will be continuing to insist that we heal our deepest wounds and ruthlessly examine any areas of self deception that we are still clinging to that impede our spiritual growth. Then, as we pass once more through the 8-8 gateway on August 8th we will all be offered another opportunity to open our hearts to a greater understanding of Prosperity Consciousness, with a view to anchoring this new awareness deep within our being and into the fabric of mother earth.

Creating the future – aligning with the highest levels of our being

The ongoing underlying theme that becomes evident as we peruse these energetic opportunities is just how important it is for each of us to align with the highest levels of our being and to continue to bring forward our true selves. While this is an individual journey for each of us it is also a most important process in the unfolding of our collective future. As we approach the end of this segment of Earth history many things are finishing but at the same time the foundations of our future are being laid within each one of us. Each time we face and overcome a new challenge within ourselves, no matter what form it might take, we are contributing a little more light to the collective consciousness and making it easier for everyone who chooses to, to awaken.

Staying balanced

It seems to us that while the process of releasing our old patterns and issues can seem very intense, it is definitely possible to move through them much quicker these days than has previously been the case. The ability to detach from the problems at hand and view them from the perspective of the soul is a major key to the quick release of old patterns and issues or ‘stuff’ as we often call it. In practice this means being strong enough not to allow ourselves to go into an emotional or mental wobble, since this effectively cuts off any higher input from our soul until we choose to find some personality balance again. So when something triggers you off this month stay calm, observe the emotions and thought patterns with complete acceptance and as little judgement as possible. Choose to take full responsibility for your part in whatever has been triggered within you. The more you really get to know yourself and your deepest trigger points the easier it will become to quickly see the higher perspective of a situation. Connect with people of like mind and vibration regularly so that together we can help each other to remember the truth. One of the most effective things we can do for anyone experiencing difficulty of any kind is to hold them in love and to connect with them at a soul level. As they remember that they are loved they can more easily connect with their own soul so that the insights they need can be received.

Essence suggestions for the month

In a potentially difficult emotional situation having the right Bach Flower Remedies to hand can make a real difference to the amount of time it takes for us to move through the issues involved. We each have our own particular trigger points, so we suggest that you get to know yours and the remedies that will most help you stay balanced when these particular buttons are pushed. This is especially the case for very intense states like those requiring Cherry Plum, Rock Rose, Holly, or Sweet Chestnut. Whichever Bach Flower Remedies you choose for your ‘emergency list’ remember that they are most effective when taken often in extreme situations. This could mean as often as 4 drops of your chosen combination every ten minutes for a while until you feel balance returning. For us a good combination of Bach Flower Remedies is always the first port of call on a difficult day… Bach Flower Remedies

If you are one of the many people who struggle with emotional detachment in difficult situations then you might find an Emotional Balance combination (Divine Harmony Essences), or an Emotional Body (Lightbody Essences) would help you to create stronger emotional foundations. Those who are more mentally orientated might find either a Mental Body (Lightbody Essences) or a Clarity combination (Divine Harmony Essences) very supportive. 

Personality stability takes its foundations from balanced lower chakras so it is always worth checking whether a Base, Sacral or Solar Plexus Chakra combination (Chakra Essences) would support you in your quest for greater balance. The issues relating to these chakras are particularly being tested for many of us at this time.

Since abundance and prosperity are again on the agenda this month why not invite the Angel of Abundance (Angel Essences) into your life to help you understand how to open up further to these all important energies. Open to Receive (Divine Harmony Essences) or Prosperity (Inner Child Essences) would also help with this.

One last issue that seems important to mention this month is that of positive self-value. Lack of self worth is a very painful deep core issue for many of us and one that urgently needs rebalancing if we are to fully align with our true selves. It is also one of the issues that can seriously affect our ability to be open to receive abundance from the universal pot. When we cannot see our own worth we also cannot truly value another. From the perspective of the soul lack of self worth is simply another form of self-deception, however this can be very hard to recognise when something triggers off the pattern for us. It is an issue that many are working with at this time so if it is one of your particular issues, keep persevering and know that you are not alone. Either Feeling Worthy (Divine Harmony Essences) or Self Worth (Inner Child Essences) would be very supportive. We have also found that Forgiveness or Self Acceptance (Divine Harmony Essences) are helpful combinations for many working with this issue.

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