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Flower Essences and Gem & Crystal Essences: Suggestions for September 2013

Inner Wisdom

In the flow of Virgo energy this month we are very likely to find ourselves impulsed to review and realign our concept of service with a view to taking it to the next octave of expression. You can read more about this in our September blog post The Changing Face of Service.

So with this idea in mind lets take a look which essences might be particularly supportive for us all this month. Currently we are all at different stages in the process of expanding our consciousness and exploring how to use the new freedom that this is bringing forward. We also each have our own unique gifts and talents and a particular way in which we as a soul have chosen to be of service to the collective in this lifetime. For each of us the key to being of greater service initially lies with our ability to integrate personality and soul into a unit that works harmoniously as one. There is a collective thought form that often gets in the way when we determine to deepen our relationship with soul and that is the usually unconscious belief, stemming from old patterning, that physical and spiritual can not exist together. In the past we have played this out by removing ourselves from the everyday world and withdrawing into monasteries, caves, mountain tops etc to be ‘spiritual’ and at other times living out lifetimes in which spirituality took a back seat and we believed the physical experience that we were having was all there was to life. Thus a polarity was created between physical and spiritual, worldly and unworldly etc. Now as we come to integrate that polarity many of us find an uncomfortable internal resistance to allowing greater integration between personality and soul. If this is your experience remember that simply recognising it without judgement can be very helpful. The resistance will dissolve as you allow more soul light to permeate into the chakras and lower energy bodies. We are really rather like one of those solar garden lights that need to absorb the power of the sun in order to function fully in that we need to absorb the light from our soul, deep into the cells and molecules of our physical body in order to function in our multidimensional consciousness. Essence combinations that might be particularly helpful to facilitate the process of integration and absorption this month are Inner Wisdom; connecting heart & mind, Inner Light; opening to the light, Soul Gifts; infusing soul qualities into daily life Soul Connection enlightenment.

The ability to maintain a consistent, balanced vibration in the emotional and mental body is crucial when it comes to expanding our capacity to be of service. These lower energy bodies and the chakras that connect with them are a foundational part of the structure that must be in place for the soul to integrate fully with the personality. Of paramount importance here is the stability of the solar plexus chakra since many of the old patterns that are concerned with the issue of ‘helping’ or ‘fixing’ others, as well as those connected with the integrity of our own energetic boundaries and personal self empowerment are related to this chakra. Anyone needing support to rebalance any of these issues this month would find a Solar Plexus Chakra combination very helpful. Choose a Base Chakra combination to help you clear fears and other blocks that prevent you from grounding fully into the physical plane, Mental Body to help clear the mental body or Emotional Body to promote greater stability at an emotional level.

Finally for those difficult moments that we all experience from time to time when we find ourselves too involved in a situation to be of service, here is a reminder of two particularly helpful essence sprays from our Pure Vibrations Collection. Auric Protection; safe boundaries, to help you remain detached and in your own energetic space and Clarity & Perspective; clearing confusion to help you regain that all-important higher perspective.


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