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Useful Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences for May

May certainly promises to be a month of highly potent energies that will offer us many blessings and opportunities. However because we still live in a world of polarity we must be aware that the equal and opposite of these energies will also be available to us if we choose to engage with them. Making sure that we stay calm and balanced and very aware of those aspects of ourselves that still require recognition, love and acceptance will be important. The chaos of change in our outer world is only likely to increase as old ways of being crumble to make way for new, however we always have the choice of how this energy affects us provided that we stay awake and aware of our own inner process of change. So with that in mind here are a few suggestions for Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences that might be particularly helpful this month. Firstly lets start with some essences that can help to connect us more fully with the blessings offered to us during this special month. Many of us still have unconscious defence systems that block our ability to receive abundance from the universal pot. Essences that open our hearts and connect us with the wisdom of our true Self are the ones that we need to help us in this situation. Some of our favourites are Open to Receive or Thankfulness (Divine Harmony Essences), Prosperity, or Gratitude (Inner Child Essences), Unconditional Love (Rose Collection) or Heart Chakra (Chakra Essences). Each of these essence combinations provides a slightly different focus on the theme of opening the heart to be more receptive to universal love. We suggest that you take a moment to read through the descriptions and choose the one that resonates most for you. From our own experience two other very common issues that block our ability to receive are lack of self-value and lack of forgiveness. If you need support with one of these issues then either Feeling Worthy or Forgiveness (Divine Harmony Essences) would be very helpful this month. If we are to follow in the footsteps of our elder brothers and sisters to become true planetary servers we must first leave behind any issues related to ‘victim consciousness’ and step fully into our spiritual empowerment. Perhaps the number one issue that can hold us back in this regard is an unconscious belief that ‘life is unfair’ together with its accompanying emotion of resentment. We know that this issue is not a popular one to have to own, however from our experience powerful shifts have been made when we have chosen to work with it. We can thoroughly recommend a bottle or two of Self Responsibility (Divine Harmony Essences) to support swift change in this area. Last but not least we would like to remind you of the wonderful support that we can all receive from the Angelic Realms when we remember to ask for assistance. With this in mind you might like to treat yourself to an Angel Essence or two this month. The Angel of Abundance will be delighted to help you resonate more fully with prosperity consciousness, while the Angel of Truth will be right there beside you to remind you to align with your true Self. Choose the Angels of Transmutation or Purification if you want help with clearing old issues or enlist the help of the Angel of Harmony to create greater balance in your life. Angel Essences make great gifts – either for yourself or a friend – so we would like to encourage you to take a moment to check out the others in the set to find the perfect ones for you. See also Abundant May Blessings
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