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Grounding & Feeling Safe: Essence Review for the Base Chakra Combination

Base Chakra

Base Chakra – Grounding

The aptly named base or root chakra is the etheric energy centre at the base of the spine. When it is functioning well it acts as an anchor point or grounding mechanism for our whole energetic system, which in turn provides the impetus for the necessary stability and balance in our everyday lives.

Strengthening the Base Chakra

Strengthening the ability of the base chakra to function as fully as possible is clearly a particularly important issue for all of us right now. No part of our energetic system can function as an isolated unit and the base chakra is no exception. It provides an important foundation for the other main chakras that influence our physical wellbeing and it also works in connection with the feet chakras and earth star chakra to keep us connected with the earth’s magnetic grid. The recent movement in the earth’s magnetic fields has meant that this important connection has gone out of alignment for many people. Typically this is experienced as feelings of ungroundedness, spaceyness and disconnectedness, together with an inability to function fully in life. Confusion, tiredness, anxiety, dizziness, difficulty sleeping and inertia are also other issues that are commonly experienced when this chakra is not functioning fully.

Base Chakra Essences

The Base Chakra Essence Combination

So if you resonate with any of the above you might find that a large bottle of our Base Chakra combination is just what you need this month to help you re-establish balance, alignment and energetic stability. This combination contains a carefully formulated mix of deep acting Flower Essences and Gem & Crystal Essences designed specifically to clear and balance the base chakra, encouraging it to keep up with the energetic demands of the times and help you to feel more grounded, safe, secure, abundant & filled with vibrant well-being.

The Base Chakra Combination is part of the Chakra Essences range. You can find the essence in our shop here.


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