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Cleansing Negativity: Positive Vibrations Essence Spray

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Positive Vibrations Essence Review

The Positive Vibrations Essence spray is a really useful aura spray and is all about cleansing and purification at an energetic level. You can use it to cleanse and purify your personal energy field of negative thoughts, feelings or beliefs, and it is also a really useful Essence to use as a space clearing spray for your living or workspace. The Positive Vibrations spray is a blend of flower, gem & crystal essences and is one of the essences in the Pure Vibrations Collection.

The Positive Vibrations Spray is a deep acting combination of flower, gem & crystal energies specifically designed to help you cleanse, purify, and uplift your energy field.

You will no doubt be familiar with the statement; the universe constantly rearranges itself to accommodate your version of reality. It is phrase all of us could usefully write down and keep displayed on a prominent surface in our home and workplace right now. It is such a handy reminder of the need to pay attention to the quality of the vibrational frequencies that we choose to accompany us in our daily life.

Thoughts and feelings are all vibrational frequencies and those that form our predominant focus in life will be the same ones that set the universal law of attraction into motion to create both our personal and collective version of ‘reality’.

Vibrational Choices

Currently we are moving through a period of immense transformation as the Earth and her human inhabitants transition from a reality based in the frequencies of a third dimensional reality to one based in those of a fifth dimensional reality.

This is a very positive and much anticipated shift, that requires us to mindfully focus on the vibrational frequencies that resonate with the new reality we are moving towards, while at the same time owning and transforming the ones that do not.

Vibrational essences are such wonderful tools to help us achieve this because they can very swiftly dissolve old, lower frequency energies like fear, anger, resentment, dis-empowerment etc, as well as helping us to establish patterns based in higher vibrational frequencies such as love, joy, freedom, gratitude etc.

Given the challenges of the moment we can all find ourselves feeling temporarily a little less than positive, and a bit off centre as a result. Our go to combination for some quick and efficient support to rebalance in this situation is always the Positive Vibrations Spray.

Two bottles of Positive Vibrations Essence spray.

The Positive Vibrations Spray

The Positive Vibrations Spray is a deep acting combination of flower, gem & crystal energies specifically designed to help you cleanse, purify, and uplift your energy field.

We all have a personal library of thoughts and emotions that vibrate at differing frequencies, some more positive than others. Use this spray to help you dissolve anything that is not in alignment with your current choice of vibration and to expand those that are. It does not take long for lower vibrational frequencies to lose their power when we stop feeding them with our attention.

You can use this spray on a consistent basis for a while if you are moving through a challenging period in life or just on an occasional basis when you need a little extra support to clear unwanted vibrations out of your energy field.

This spray is also a very effective space clearing spray for your living or workspaces. You could use it in your home, treatment room, meeting space or hotel room to clear any vibrational frequencies that you do not feel in alignment with.

How to Use

Spray liberally into the auric field for a quick and effective energetic realignment or use over a period of time to support more permanent transformation. You can also take this essence spray internally in the same way as our other essence combinations if you wish.

This spray can also be used as a space clearing spray in your living or workspaces. In this situation spray liberally around the room as often as needed.

Calling in the transformational Violet Flame when you use this spray will enhance its effectiveness.

As with all our Pure Vibration Sprays the Positive Vibrations Spray is available with either a wheat alcohol or a wheat alcohol and rose water blend base for those who prefer a scented spray.

Two bottles of Positive Vibrations spray - available from the shop.

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Essence Range: Pure Vibrations Collection Essences

Adult How to Use: Use in the auric field or internally… Full How to Use

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