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Flower Essence Sprays to Balance Your Energy & Set Your Intentions

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Have you ever used flower essence sprays in your personal energy field, home or workspace?

Flower essences sprayed into the auric field work very quickly to clear, balance and uplift your personal energy. Essence sprays are also wonderful for intention setting, manifesting, space clearing and creating sacred space, so you can use them to create an energising, harmonious environment to live and work in.

When to Use Essence Sprays

  • To clear your energy and restore you to centre when you feel emotionally off balance.
  • To support you with emotional clearing and personal transformation.
  • To cleanse your auric field so you feel vibrant and energised, and less likely to absorb negative energies from people and places.
  • To clear and harmonise the energy of the spaces where you live and work.
  • To amplify your intentions so you can manifest a new reality.
  • To enhance your spiritual connection and awaken your soul purpose.

Flower Essence Sprays Rebalance Your Energy

Using A Flower Essence spray in your aura

Essences enhance emotional balance and spiritual connection, so flower essence sprays are a lovely to way to gently bring more love, consciousness and harmony into your daily life.

Essence sprays swiftly help you to feel like yourself again if something has thrown you off balance emotionally, they keep your auric field clear and vibrant, and they are a powerful way to invoke spiritual qualities that you want to experience in your life and your environment.

Unlike the deeper acting essences we make for oral use where it’s usually most effective to take one essence at a time, you can mix and match between 2-3 different essence sprays in your auric field depending on your mood, needs and focus.

Spray them in the morning to set your intention for the day ( Energetic Alignment Spray aligns your entire energetic system so this is a lovely choice ), before bed to create a relaxing vibration ( try Angel of Tranquility for inner stillness ), and any time in between when you would like a boost of uplifting energy or extra emotional support.

What is The Auric Field?

Your auric field is made up of layers of vibrating energy and extends out around your physical body like a bubble of rainbow light. It is part of your subtle energy system and defines your personal energetic space. While the auric field isn’t usually visible to the naked eye, you can get a sense of how far beyond your physical body it extends by spreading your arms out as wide as you can reach. The points of your fingertips are usually a good guide to where your auric field extends. We recommend spraying essence sprays all around your auric field so the balancing energies can reach into the different layers of your auric field.

Because the auric field is not generally visible (unless you are very psychically open) we don’t necessarily think about the importance of keeping it clear and vibrant. Most of us shower regularly to cleanse dirt and sweat from our physical bodies but we don’t always notice when our auric field has picked up energetic muck from the day.

Other people’s energy, strong emotions, arguments, commuting, psychic ‘noise’ from news, social media, computers, and environmental pollution can all leave energetic residue in your auric field and stop you from feeling as vibrant and clear as you could.

Using essence sprays in your auric field is the energetic equivalent of taking a shower – it will cleanse, revitalise and refresh your entire energy system. We particularly like Angel of Purification Spray and Violet Flame Spray for cleansing the auric field.

Top Sprays For Everyday Balance

Leona using a flower Essence spray
  • Are you an empath, do you get drained around other people, or struggle to separate your emotions from other people’s in emotionally charged situations? Try Auric Protection Spray in the morning before you leave home, or use it throughout the day as needed.
  • Do you feel negative, sluggish, unmotivated or emotionally out of sorts or feel impacted by negativity around you? Use Positive Vibrations Spray first thing in the morning and when you’ve been in negative situations to uplift your vibrational frequency.
  • Are you studying, spending lots of time in front of a computer, feel stuck or confused, need fresh inspiration or want to clear your mind after long bouts of concentration? Clarity & Perspective Spray is like a breath of fresh air for the mind – use it throughout the day to refresh your thoughts and receive new inspiration.
  • Do you get fearful after watching the news, find yourself worrying about your loved ones, or get nervous about everyday situations like going to the dentist, exams or interviews? Use Strength & Courage Spray whenever you feel any flutters of fear or a sense of dread and it will swiftly bring comfort and peace.

Set Your Intentions

Essence sprays are fast and effective for clearing and releasing uncomfortable feelings, rebalancing your energy, and strengthening your auric field so that you are less likely to absorb negative energies. They are equally good for helping you to move forward, set a clear intention for what you want to experience more of, and align with your soul purpose.

When we set clear heart-centred intentions about the qualities we want to energise and the world we want to create, we can manifest positive change very effectively. Essence sprays give you a wonderful way to curate your energetic space and invite in more of what you wish for yourself and the world.

We are sovereign beings, guided by our connection to Source and we can consciously choose the energies that we bring into our auric field. Choosing the vibrational frequencies that you invite into your auric field is a very empowering way to contribute to the creation of a new reality.

How Would You Like to Feel in Your Daily Life?

Bring your awareness and your breath into your heart space and ask yourself which qualities you would like to experience more of. Creativity? Love? Inspiration? Clarity? Purpose? How would you like to feel in your daily life? More confident? Abundant? Peaceful? Joyful?

Essences hold the energetic blueprint for the frequencies we want to invite into our lives so that we can experience these energies in a more tangible way. Essence sprays help to hold the energetic space you’re invoking and amplify the spiritual qualities you’re calling in so that these qualities can become fully grounded and activated in your auric field. Use essence sprays to amplify your intentions and energise spiritual qualities in your life.

A lovely way to set your intentions is to quietly connect with the Earth, your heart and the bubble of light that extends around you and then consciously fill your auric field with the energetic frequencies you would like to experience e.g. calm, gentleness, awareness, appreciation, certainty etc. Find a time of day when you can make this a regular nourishing practice to top yourself up with beautiful vibrations. Choose one of our sprays to amplify the energies you’ve been invoking and to help you maintain that energetic space until it becomes second nature!

Top Sprays For Intention Setting

Heart Connection Essence sprays
  • Do you want to replenish your creative well and connect with the inspiration and wisdom of the deep feminine? Try Sphere Spray to experience the generative creative power of simply ‘being’ so that new dreams, inspiration and creativity can be birthed within the darkness of the Void.
  • Are you yearning to feel more aligned with your true self and the higher plan for your life? Try Heart Connection Spray to connect with the love, peace and wisdom of your heart and remember that You Are Love.
  • Would you like to receive spiritual inspiration, illumination, support and guidance? We make 20 Angel Sprays from single flowers combined with channelled angelic energies to help you anchor the divine qualities of the angels more fully into your daily life. Some of our favourites for intention-setting are: Angel of Abundance,  Angel of Compassion, Angel of Determination, Angel of Joy & Angel of Peace and you can explore the full range here: 20 Angel Sprays

Flower & Crystal Essence Aura Sprays

You can explore all our essence sprays to find the perfect vibrations to balance your energy here:

We hope you’re feeling inspired to try essence sprays to balance your emotions, clear your energy field and manifest your intentions. Next time we’ll be sharing ideas about how to use essence sprays for space clearing and creating sacred space.

How to Use Flower Essence Sprays

Catherine sitting on grass with a Strength & Courage spray Essence

Crystal Herbs Essence Sprays can be sprayed into your auric field or onto your tongue. When you use them externally in your auric field they will work quickly to restore balance so use them when you temporarily feel off centre, want to boost your energy or amplify your intention setting.

When you use them internally sprayed onto your tongue they work like our other deeper acting essences to bring unconscious patterns to the surface for clearing and transformation, so we recommend only using one spray at a time.

For external use: spray liberally into the auric field to create a quick, effective energetic realignment or use consistently over a period of time to support more permanent transformation. If using consistently, an application 4 x a day would be a good dosage guide for most adults.

For internal use: 2 sprays on the tongue up to 4 x a day, taken consistently for about two weeks will provide maximum effectiveness. Preferably take at least 10 minutes away from food and drink. We would not normally recommend giving the Pure Vibrations Essences to children under 12.

Space Clearing With Flower Essence Sprays

Do you have a regular practice for energetically clearing the space in your home or work place? Flower Essence sprays provide a lovely way to uplift the energy in your home and work space so that your environment can help you to feel balanced, clear, light and energised. You can find out more here: Space Clearing With Flower Essence Sprays

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Share Your Experiences…

Have you used any of our Flower Essence Sprays? We’d love to hear your experiences of working with these essences, so please do leave us a comment and share your experiences!

Are You New To Flower & Vibrational Essences?

You can find out more about Flower & Vibrational Essences in our guide here.

Jackie Stewart

Jackie Stewart has been using Crystal Herbs essences for 25 years and trained as a Flower and Vibrational Essence Practitioner in 1999. She joined the Crystal Herbs team in 2019 and is passionate about how essences help us open our hearts to co-create a world that thrives on Love.

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Elizabeth Brown
Elizabeth Brown
1 year ago

I am trying to look at the sprays for space clearing and to read a bit about them as at times we all need to clear negativity around our homes and where we have people enter our homes. I am new the the vibrational sprays so trying to read and learn about them so I can order for my self and my son who lives in the North of England I will try to get ordered for his birthday as a present for him.. I love yoru essences but I did not know of the space cleanance ones