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NEW! Pure Vibrations Spray Collection

Pure Vibrations Collection

Pure Vibrations Spray Collection Sprays

We are excited to announce that our new range of essence combination sprays – the Pure Vibrations Collectionare now available on our website. We have had great fun creating these powerful new sprays and we hope that you will enjoy using them as much as we have.

They are specifically designed to provide instant energetic support to help you maintain a positive vibrational alignment, no matter what challenges you face in life. Essences sprayed into the auric field are especially quick acting, making these sprays particularly good to use on those difficult days when you feel temporarily out of balance or off centre.

You can find out more about our new Pure Vibrations Sprays here. We look forward to receiving your comments and feedback as you try them out.

Crystal Herbs

Crystal Herbs is a specialist Flower Essence producer and we’re passionate about all aspects of Vibrational Essences. We have been making and selling our range of Essences for nearly 30 years and have customers all over the world. All of our essences are handmade with love & care and alongside the Essences that we offer we also provide help, support and information about vibrational Essences. Crystal Herbs is run by Catherine Keattch and Sam Cremnitz, along with a dedicated team who are all trained practitioners and healers in their own right. More About Crystal Herbs | Contact Us

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