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Compassion Rose Essence Review

The focus for this months essence review is on the Compassion Rose Essence from our Rose Collection set.

Compassion Rose

Compassion Rose Essence

Compassion Rose Essence

Essence Range:
Rose Collection Essences

How to Use:
Take four drops on the tongue 3 or 4 times a day.
Full How to Use.

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Our Compassion Rose bush has provided us with the most prolific show of beautiful late summer blooms over the last few weeks. Drinking in the energy of these wonderful pink, highly scented roses the other day brought forth another reminder of how important an open heart chakra is to our overall balance and wellbeing.

The ability to connect with our true self in the quiet loving space within the heart is like standing on the fulcrum point in the middle of a seesaw. It provides a point of balance and neutrality from which we can more easily tap into our true purpose and direction in life through the sacred heart. The sacred heart, found deep within the heart chakra, is like an inexhaustible well from which we can draw all the loving sustenance that we need to nurture ourselves. This in turn provides us with the resources that we need to be able to hold a compassionate loving space for those with whom we share our life.

As we write this we are right on the equinox, that pivotal point of balance where for a few days, day and night will be almost equal in length in most places in the world.  At the actual point of the equinox when the sun passes over the celestial equator, the earth sits on its own fulcrum point, where the rotational axis tilts neither towards the sun nor away from it. This twice yearly moment of balance and alignment is an external reminder to us to nurture our own internal point of balance within the heart chakra. The Compassion Rose essence carries exactly the right vibrational frequencies to help us do this.

Compassion Rose Essence

The Compassion Rose essence gently but firmly helps to open the heart chakra, making it easier for you to connect more deeply into your sacred heart. Like a compassionate friend it holds the frequency of unconditional love for you, helping you to remember how to connect more strongly with your own truth and light.

It is a particularly good essence to use when you need to strengthen the link between the heart and the higher mind in order to facilitate greater access to your own inner wisdom. It will help you to find the appropriate balance between the everyday input of the rational mind and the quiet voice of wisdom within the heart. This essence also helps to promote feelings of peace, serenity and inner certainty.

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