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Compassion Rose Essence Review

26 September, 2016 Crystal Herbs 0
The focus for this months essence review is on the Compassion Rose Essence from our Rose Collection set. Compassion Rose Compassion Rose Essence Essence Range: Rose Collection Essences How to Use: Take four drops on […]
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Rosa De La Hay

19 September, 2014 Crystal Herbs 0
The Beautiful Rosa De La Hay Flower As a Flower Essence Rosa De Lay Hay promotes a greater alignment between the heart chakra and the crown chakra which inspires the transformation of belief into inner […]
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Re-Connecting with Love

11 March, 2008 Crystal Herbs 0
Although this year March blew in like the proverbial lion it also brought with it some wonderful warm sunshine full of the promise of the spring to come. The spring equinox, which will be on […]