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The Choice of Reality versus Illusion

Lotus Flower

The old matrix of illusion is now rapidly breaking down, what are we collectively choosing to replace it with?

We currently live in a time unlike any other in recorded history, a time of unprecedented change in which we are literally transitioning from one version of reality to another. This is a process that affects our universe as a whole and is being orchestrated from way beyond our level of everyday consciousness. Powerful waves of high frequency energy, together with a succession of major planetary alignments and configurations designed to stimulate transformation of consciousness are slowly but surely freeing up the apparently fixed matrix of reality that we have believed to be true and offering us opportunities to make new choices about our future. Quantum physics has already proved to us many times that we live in a world of fluid reality that responds to our focussed thought and intention, thereby providing us with a powerful reminder of the truth of our own creative abilities. From this perspective we are also pushed to recognise that any apparent obstacles in our individual or collective realities must ultimately be of our own creation and therefore capable of re-creation.

What do you choose… reality or illusion?

The currently crumbling matrix of illusion has been our comfort zone for so long that to our everyday consciousness it can seem a difficult task to fully release ourselves from its sticky grip. However the choice we face is that of opening our consciousness to the input of the higher mind and allowing this intuitive flow to guide us to new understandings or choosing to remain stuck in the illusory world of the lower mind, thereby perpetuating the problems of the past. Faced with this choice most of us would wish to make the most of the opportunity to contribute to the creation of a new collective reality, however we are discovering that this choice is not without its challenges.

Rather like Hercules facing the hydra with it’s multiple heads, we must recognise the many faces of illusion that we still currently believe to be truth, and allow them to be overcome by the power of higher reasoning and intuition that are the domain of the soul. These are choices that we each face all the time in our everyday lives and it is important that we recognise that the option to make a new choice is only truly available to us from the present moment. In other words unless we are actively engaged in staying focussed and aware we can find that we have been seduced by the lower mind into following through with old unconscious patterns of behaviour. However, in the present moment the power of the past is diminished through awareness and the future is fluid and open to the creative flow of the higher mind.

Problems arise for may of us because we unconsciously associate being grounded and present with previous painful experiences we have had in other incarnations, experiences that have made us unwilling to participate fully in physical life. However, as the current flow of high frequency energies sweeps away the old matrix of reality from our collective consciousness our relationship with time is also changing. Living in the past is no longer a viable option and we must now consciously choose to anchor ourselves firmly in the present moment. This requires a constant focus on maintaining our energetic connections with the earth as well as vigilance over the thoughts and beliefs that we allow to linger in our energy fields.

Maintaining a Strong Inner Connection

It is obviously important that we maintain a strong inner connection to our own truth and light and become very aware of when we are operating from that place and when we are not. Simply noticing when we have fallen into old patterns diminishes their power over us and provides the opportunity to move back into a place of greater empowerment and choice. Sometimes however, despite the fact that we recognise the need to be conscious of the higher perspective of a particular situation, the issues that are triggered off are so intense that we cannot immediately find the way back into that place of higher consciousness. This is when some well-chosen vibrational essence combinations can be an invaluable assistance to help us quickly transform negativity and reconnect us with our own inner truth and light.

Some Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences to help

Here are a few suggestions for essences that might help with some of the issues mentioned above. Firstly some help with grounding and staying focussed in the present moment; top of the list is our new Earth Connection Spray (Pure Vibrations Collection). This will very quickly and effectively pull you right back into your body and help you to stay grounded and focussed. For anyone with deep issues around grounding and being fully present then one of the following combinations would also be a very helpful resource; Being Present (Divine Harmony Essences), Base Chakra or Feet Chakras (Chakra Essences).

The most common state triggered off for most of us when the lower mind is intent on keeping control is fear. We can all find ourselves needing some support with this issue from time to time so here are a few suggestions for essence combinations to help. Either an Inner Calm combination (Divine Harmony Essences), Courage (Inner Child Essences) or Strength & Courage Spray (Pure Vibrations Collection) will quickly help you to dispel the fearful mists of illusion.

We also find our Positive Vibrations Spray (Pure Vibrations Collection) an invaluable resource to help keep our energy fields clear of any lingering negative beliefs or emotional debris that might be tugging on our consciousness. It is also just as efficient when used as space clearing tool at home or work.

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