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Clarity – Flower Essence Review

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Clarity Essence – Releasing Confusion

In this months essence review we have chosen to highlight an essence combination that we feel could be an invaluable support for many people as they search for the higher perspective of their lives amongst the many challenges that face us all today.

We each have a blueprint for the optimum course of our lives, one that we carefully chose, along with the help of our guides and teachers before we came into incarnation. It was designed to offer us maximum opportunity to work with the unresolved issues and karmic patterns that were considered necessary and important for our growth, as well as the potential for us to contribute to the unfolding plan of human evolution by using the gifts and talents that we had perfected through this process.

However, because we are born into a world of amnesia and illusion we generally do not consciously remember that the challenges and traumas that appear, apparently uninvited as our life progresses, are those that we chose ourselves for the gifts that they could offer us. In many lifetimes we have simply become more locked into the very behaviour patterns that we have chosen to release simply through lack of understanding and higher vision. However all of that is now changing as we come to the close of this current cycle on Earth. Everyone who so chooses is being offered maximum opportunity to release the old patterns of duality within themselves and to contribute to the creation of a new reality.

The challenge that we all face as we do this is that we must learn to release the often very persuasive beliefs that our lower mind sees as truth in favour of the more expanded truth of our true Self or Soul available through the higher mind. For many of us this is easy enough when we are feeling relaxed and not under any pressure, however when we are faced with difficult choices or situations we can sometimes find ourselves suddenly stuck in a fog of confusion and unable to ‘see the wood for the trees’ as the lower mind attempts to pull us back into the old uncomfortable comfort zones of the past. In this place it can be very difficult to access the higher blueprint of your life or to see the gifts and opportunities presented by challenging situations.

Clarity Essence

Clarity – Flower, Gem & Crystal Essence Combination

When we find ourselves feeling like this we always turn for help and support to the Clarity combination from the Divine Harmony Essences range . This powerful combination of essences will very quickly help to relax the mental body and transform feelings of fear and confusion into greater clarity and objectivity so that you can more easily connect with the higher perspective of whatever situation you are facing.

This combination is also very helpful for anyone experiencing the kind of symptoms that are often described as ‘writers block’, which is simply a temporary inability to tap into the natural creativity of your higher mind. In fact it is great for anyone who finds themselves suddenly experiencing an ‘I don’t know what to do moment’ or ‘mental block’ about something. It will also quickly help to calm the irrational emotional outbursts that some people experience in this kind of situation and remind them to see the funny side of life again.

You might also like to try the spray version of this combination, Clarity & Perspective Spray – from the new Pure Vibrations Collection.

Clarity – Releasing Confusion


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10 years ago

Valuable information and excellent design you got here! I would like to thank you for sharing your ideas and time into the stuff you post!! Thumbs up