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Rising to the Challenges of the Great Transformational Shift


We are currently living through and contributing to, what has been described as the Great Transformational Shift or the Shift of the Ages.

This Great Transformational Shift or Shift of the Ages is a process that involves the whole of our universe moving up the spiral of consciousness and it is being orchestrated from a perspective that is way beyond the comprehension of our everyday human minds. However on the higher levels of collective consciousness we are all very much a part of this unfolding plan and eager to contribute to its successful manifestation at a physical level, whatever that may involve for us as individuals.

From an everyday human perspective it is a process that is proving to be challenging in so many different ways. We are literally moving from one reality to another and are being required to release everything that does not belong to the new level of consciousness that we are moving towards. This transition is now well in progress and rapidly gathering in intensity, forcing us to re-evaluate our priorities, values and goals in life.

Inner & Outer Goals

It is perhaps important in this context for us all to maintain clarity on the difference between inner and outer goals. For most of us deep unconscious patterning has led us to believe incorrectly that our security in life lies in people, events and situations outside of ourselves. As a result we have become largely polarised in the material world of form with a tendency to focus our goals in the world of material activity. However the energies that we are encountering as we move through the great transformational shift are slowly but surely dissolving the matrix that holds these old patterns in place, with the result that many people are feeling disorientated and afraid because the foundations upon which they have based their lives appear to be crumbling. The truth is that in this new energy we will not be able to find our true purpose by focusing on an outer material goal. Rather our sense of purpose and stability will come from the recognition that outer activity is secondary to the inner goal of greater connection and alignment with the higher collective purpose.

The challenge for all is to stay focussed and balanced enough to remain connected with our intuitive higher guidance no matter what is going on around us in the outer world. As the saying goes ‘knowledge is power’ and in this case it is self-knowledge and self-awareness that will be particularly effective tools to help with this. Our inner connection to our true self is always there, however we can become so distracted by the noise made by the personality self that we can forget to give our true self the necessary focus of attention. In moments of challenge it can be all too easy to allow outside events to trigger off an emotional or mental response in us that moves our attention away from our inner core. Becoming a more detached observer of ourselves by focussing on our breathing and moving our awareness into our heart in such moments of difficulty will always redirect our attention back to our true self.

Getting Some Help – Vibrational Essences

Heart Chakra Essences

Vibrational essences can also be very powerful tools to help with this process, so here are a few that might be generally helpful with the issues mentioned above. Firstly, for those moments when you find yourself in need of some help to restore emotional and mental equilibrium we can thoroughly recommend our new Harmony & Tranquillity (Pure Vibrations Spray Collection). This will very quickly help you detach from any situation creating uncomfortable waves and return you to a place of balance from which you can seek a higher perspective.

Being able to stay successfully in your heart is another major key to staying aligned with your inner core being. Within your heart is the vibrational resonance of the love that you are and it is here that you will always find a clear connection with your true self. Anyone needing a little extra help to stay focussed in the heart would find either a Heart Chakra combination (Chakra Essences), Unconditional Love (Rose Collection) or Heart Connection (Pure Vibrations Spray Collection) very supportive.

We also find that the Energetic Alignment (Pure Vibrations Spray Collection) is excellent to help support and enhance our connection with our inner core being while Clarity and Perspective (Pure Vibrations Spray Collection) is great for those times when we need to clear away ‘fog’ from the lower mind so that we can gain insight and direction from a higher source.

Crystal Herbs

Crystal Herbs is a specialist Flower Essence producer and we’re passionate about all aspects of Vibrational Essences. We have been making and selling our range of Essences for nearly 30 years and have customers all over the world. All of our essences are handmade with love & care and alongside the Essences that we offer we also provide help, support and information about vibrational Essences. Crystal Herbs is run by Catherine Keattch and Sam Cremnitz, along with a dedicated team who are all trained practitioners and healers in their own right. More About Crystal Herbs | Contact Us

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