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Connecting Heart & Mind: Essence Review for the Inner Wisdom Combination

Inner Wisdom Essence

In today’s fast moving and ever changing world it is becoming increasingly important that we learn to connect with our own inner wisdom for guidance and direction rather than seek it outside of ourselves. So with this in mind we have decided to focus this month’s Essence Review on an combination to help with this issue, Inner Wisdom, connecting heart & mind.

Traditionally we have been taught that our knowledge comes from sources of information received from outside ourselves such schoolteachers, books and in more recent times, the television and internet. Over the years we have learned very efficiently how to process this information through the analytical mind. This worked well when we lived fully in third dimensional patterning but now as we leave it behind the habit of going only to the rational mind for answers no longer works. This is because the lower mind has no reference points amongst the information that it has gathered to help us understand where we are going next in our evolution. The knowledge and wisdom that we need to guide us now as we expand into higher dimensions of consciousness must come from the soul via the higher mind and the heart. Although we know this intuitively the old habit of consulting the lower mind can be very pervasive especially when the lower mind noisily insists that we stick to old patterns of behaviour so that we stay ‘safe’. This can be both disconcerting and uncomfortable especially if we do not fully recognise what is happening.

The Inner Wisdom Essence

If any of this resonates with you then the Inner Wisdom combination might be just what you need to promote a change in perspective. It has been specifically formulated to help you redirect your awareness back to the heart and to the link between higher mind and heart that will give you access to your soul wisdom. As this link strengthens, the lower mind will become less noisy and insistent and begin to respond to the higher mind allowing the wisdom of the soul to become the guiding force in your life.

The Inner Wisdom combination is part of the Divine Harmony Essences range. If you feel that you’d like to try a bottle you can find it on our website here: Inner Wisdom, or you can call us on 01379 608059 ( ++44 1379 608059 ).


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