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Bach Flower Spirit Cards for Spiritual Insights and Emotional Shifts

by Jackie Stewart

Bach Spirit Cards

When I was learning about the Bach Flower Remedies during my practitioner training, I felt a strong connection to Dr Bach and his work. I wanted to get to know the plants that he had made the Bach Flower Remedies from, and I wanted to take photos of them so I could deepen my understanding of their energy.

A Journey to Meet the Bach Flower Remedy Plants

Bach Spirit Cards - Impatiens

This quest led me to meeting Shamanic nature photographer Jason Smalley, and we spent two years working together to capture the images which have now become the Bach Flower Spirit Cards. We travelled throughout England to capture images of the Bach Flower Remedy plants, including a visit to Dr Bach’s garden at the Bach Centre to photograph Scleranthus and Cerato.

All the images you will see on the cards were photographed in sacred communion with nature with the intention of capturing the essence of the Bach Flower Remedies themselves.

Jason connects with nature through photography in the same way that a flower essence maker connects with the spirit of a plant when making essences. Capturing these images was an act of devotion, love and reverence where we honoured the spirits of the flowers, asked their permission, and listened to the messages they wanted to impart. The process of meeting the plants in this way was really quite profound in its teachings, and we wanted to share the beauty of that connection with others by publishing the images. Our intention was for the images to be dynamic tools that would contain the vibrational frequency of the Bach Flower Remedies themselves.

Which Bach Flower Remedies Are Best to Restore Balance?

If you have ever turned to the Bach Flower Remedies in times of emotional pain, confusion, challenge, disconnect, resistance or fear you will know how swiftly they bring relief.  Sometimes, however, we don’t know which of the Bach Flower Remedies to choose to get to the heart of the matter and restore us to balance. This is where the Bach Flower Spirit Cards come into their own.

Through using the Bach Flower Spirit cards in one-to-one sessions and workshops I have come to realise that when you see images of the Bach Flower Remedy plants that will bring your personality into alignment with your soul, you recognise them. The image of the plant speaks to you – it may seem more attractive, vibrant or compelling. The ancient wise part of us that never lost our connection to nature feels the visual resonance of the essence we need, and it unlocks something deep within us.

As you sit with the image of the Bach Flower Remedy plant you feel a connection with, you might experience energy moving, new insights coming into your awareness, or emotions rising to the surface. I have noticed people sometimes cry when they see the image of the Bach Flower Remedy plant they most need. Sometimes the transmission of love that comes through the images makes them go very quiet as they are taken into the beauty of their own hearts to experience more of their own true essence.

Use the Cards to Choose Bach Flower Remedies for Yourself and Others

Choosing Bach Flower Remedies with the cards

The cards help you choose Bach Flower Remedies for yourself, and help awaken new understandings of the patterns, beliefs and emotions you are transforming when you take Bach Flower Remedies. They are also wonderful to use with your children and animals, both of whom usually go to the pictures of the essences they most need without any hesitation!

If you’re a practitioner, the cards will bring a new dimension to one-to-one sessions and workshops. Ask your clients or workshop participants to select the images that call to them most strongly. They may choose cards that confirm the essences you have already identified for them, or this process can take the consultation or workshop in a new direction as hidden beliefs, patterns or emotions get illuminated by the essence that’s shown on the card.

This is a lovely way to involve your clients or workshop participants in choosing their own essence blend. It powerfully affirms their inner knowing because even if they don’t know much about essences, they can see that they’ve instinctively chosen what they needed for balance.

Practitioners Use the Cards to Choose Bach Flower Remedies Intuitively

Essence practitioners, kinesiologists and other healers use the cards to choose Bach Flower Remedies intuitively for their clients by placing the cards face down and using a pendulum or muscle testing to identify which cards are needed. The accompanying book highlights the key benefits and indications for each Bach Flower so you can quickly see the relevance of the chosen cards.

There are two complementary decks of cards, each featuring 38 intimate portraits of the Bach Flower Remedies. These decks can be used together or separately for spiritual insights and energetic shifts.

Bach Spirit Cards - Wild Emodiment & Inner Clarity

Inner Clarity Deck

The images on white backgrounds in the Inner Clarity Deck help you receive clear answers and see life from a wider perspective. People tell us this deck helps them to access their intuition and receive spiritual insights more easily.

Wild Embodiment Deck

The images on nature backgrounds in the Wild Embodiment Deck bring greater emotional awareness and body wisdom. People tell us this deck helps them to get in touch with their body’s innate wisdom and emotional intelligence more easily.

Both decks are available from Crystal Herbs.

Bach Spirit Cards - Clematis

The Bach Spirit Cards

The Bach Flower Spirit Cards help you to choose the Bach Flower Remedies intuitively and use them dynamically for yourself, family, friends and clients.

The beautiful images on the cards will speak to your soul whether you’re a Bach Flower Remedy enthusiast or a flower essence practitioner.

Buy The Bach Spirit Cards

Bach Spirit Cards Photo credit copyright Jason Smalley: www.earthlight-images.com

Jackie Stewart

Jackie Stewart has been using Crystal Herbs essences for 25 years and trained as a Flower and Vibrational Essence Practitioner in 1999. She joined the Crystal Herbs team in 2019 and is passionate about how essences help us open our hearts to co-create a world that thrives on Love.

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