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Tulip Flower Essence – Self Worth & Honouring Your Unique Gifts

Tulip Flowers - Tulip Flower Essence

Tulip Flower Essence Review

Our subject for this month’s Essence Review is Tulip, one of the many single flower essences available in our repertory. Tulip Flower Essence helps you to see your own self value & recognise and honour your own unique gifts so that they can use them to enhance what you do in all areas of your life.

Tulip Flowers

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Essence Range: Single Flower Essences

Adult How to Use: Take four drops on the tongue 2 – 4 times a day. Full How to Use.

Essence Type: Single Flower Essence | Stock Level

Tulip’s Important Message

While sitting quietly enjoying the sunshine and peace of our garden the other day I became very aware of the energetic presence of the many beautiful tulips that are currently out in flower there.

As I acknowledged the many different colours and shapes of tulip all standing tall as they opened their petals in the warmth of the sun, the message that they broadcast was clear. Enjoy the uniqueness of your own beauty and share it joyfully with those around you.

This is an especially important message for all of us right now as we are being called to make new choices both for ourselves and the future of our world. The reality we have come to think of as ‘normal’  is currently being shaken by the virus sweeping the planet, yet below the surface of this challenging event new green shoots of possibilities are opening up both within us and in the world around us.

We have reached a ‘planetary reset’ point and we are being called to make new choices based in the consciousness of the heart.

New Choices

These new choices must begin within each one of us and in particular with a decision to love and value ourselves. This foundational step is not easy because so many of us still deny ourselves love and refuse to see the value and uniqueness that we bring to the world just by being here.

The high frequency love & light that is now flooding onto the planet to help us raise our consciousness, has been illuminating these deeply held old beliefs and requesting us to release our mis-perceptions and align with the beauty and uniqueness of our divinity.

Maybe you have been feeling an inner prompting to review how you think and feel about yourself. Possibly you have connected with some deeply painful beliefs that do not allow you to see yourself as valuable. Perhaps it has come into your awareness that you have been hiding your light from the world. If so, Tulip Essence might be just what you need to assist you to make changes.

Tulip Flower Essence

Tulip essence is an excellent essence to take when you have forgotten how to see your own self value and worth from a balanced perspective. It will gently nudge you to notice how much you have already achieved on your journey through life and remind you to give yourself permission to own all of who you are so that your uniqueness and beauty can shine forth into the world.

Like the stately tulip, stand tall and open to the warmth and love of the Source of your being, owning your divinity and bringing forth what you have brought to share with the world at this important time.

  • Nurtures and expands true inner self-value
  • Reminds you how to honour your own unique gifts
  • Aligns you with your innate divinity
  • Strengthens your ability to be yourself
  • Helps you to honour the uniqueness of others

How to Use

Tulip works extremely well taken as a single essence on its own. An effective dose for most adults is four drops on the tongue 4 x a day, straight from the stock bottle. For best results take consistently for a period of two to four weeks.

It is also very effective mixed into a stock combination with other deep acting Flower, Gem or Crystal essences if you want to focus on an issue in more depth.

Tulip is one of the essences included in the Feeling Worthy combination from the Divine Harmony range.

Tulip Flower Essence….

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Peace Rose

Share Your Experiences…

We hope you’ve enjoyed our look at the Tulip Flower Essence. We’d love to hear your experiences of working with this essence or working with the related issues, so please do leave us a comment and share your experiences!

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2 years ago

Thanks! Self worth issues are such a biggie for me, they just seem such a profound part of who I am and my experience of life! Hoping maybe the Tulip will help me move beyond this?!

Crystal Herbs
Crystal Herbs(@admin)
2 years ago
Reply to  Kerry

Hi Kerry, thanks for sharing, and we hope you find the Tulip essence helpful in releasing those old self worth patterns! Do let us know how you get on. ♥