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Bach Flower Remedies – Staying Balanced in a Changing World

It is often said that the only thing that can be considered a reliable constant in life is change itself. This has never been more obvious than it is in today’s hectic and chaotic world where everything seems to be shifting and changing around us at an increasingly rapid rate.

Rock Rose Flower - Bach Flower Remedies

The Bach Flower Remedies are a wonderful set of Flower Essences helping you to stay balanced & centred in a changing world


It is not just in the outer world that things are changing either. Many people are experiencing a similarly accelerated process of change at an inner level, with old memories, emotions, issues, patterns and beliefs coming into awareness to be released. This is ultimately a very positive process, however while we are going through it, staying balanced can sometimes be challenging.

Facing Old Issues

It is worth remembering that when something feels challenging it usually means that we need to find a new perspective from which to view the situation or issue that has arisen. This is particularly the case when we are facing old issues from the past that we have carefully ring fenced as ‘never want to go there again’ places. Usually there are some uncomfortable emotions associated with issues of this sort as well as the defence patterns that we have developed to protect ourselves. Currently the energies on the planet are particularly configured to help us release these old memories and they are consequently being pushed into our awareness, often with an uncomfortable degree of urgency. In this situation, it is not at all unusual to find yourself in need of some help to negotiate the change that is being requested with a reasonable degree of grace.

Cherry Plum - Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies to the Rescue

In our experience the best essences to provide immediate first aid in an acutely uncomfortable situation are Dr Bach’s wonderful 38 Flower Essences. These gentle acting essences are particularly effective used in acute situations and will very quickly restore a degree of balance and equilibrium, allowing a new more expanded perspective to reveal itself.

Bach Flower Remedies are at their most effective when made up into a combination of 7 or 8 different essences taken consistently and often. When choosing your combination, take a moment to review the thoughts and feelings that are the most predominant or uncomfortable within you and then choose the essences that best fit the picture that you see. The more honest you can be with yourself the better your selection of essences will be.

Choosing Your Bach Flower Combination

You might look at this as being rather like dissecting the different threads in a story. Perhaps your story has a thread of fear running through it, maybe there are strands that contain vibrations of anger, resentment, guilt, despair or lack of confidence. There are balancing vibrations for all these states and many more within Dr Bach’s 38 Flower Remedies.

Once you have identified what is going on for you, you can choose 7 or 8 Bach Flower Remedies to mix into a treatment level combination. If you take this combination 4 drops on the tongue at least 8 x a day you will very quickly regain enough equilibrium to get a more balanced perspective on the situation that you are facing. You can find out more about choosing & using the Bach Flower Remedies here.

Bach Flower Remedies work wonderfully on both adults and children but if you are making up combinations for children please check our Essences for Children section for appropriate instructions first.

More Information

There is more information on the remedies and their uses here: about the Bach Flower Remedies. If you would like us to make up your chosen Bach Flower combination here is a link to the Mix Your Own Combination page.

Finally if you need help or advice to choose the most appropriate essences for you please be in touch on 01379 608059 or use our Consultation Service.

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