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Strengthen Your Coping Skills

Flower & Gem Essence Suggestions to help with Grounding, Boundaries and Awareness

For most of us modern day life seems to be an increasingly complicated affair, often seeming to require the skills of a juggler for us to negotiate it successfully. When you add in the recent intensification of the need for change and transformation at an inner level it is not surprising that many people are currently feeling a little too stretched for comfort.

Solar Plexus Chakra Essence

Solar Plexus Chakra Essence

The Solar Plexus Chakra Essence is all about self-definition, personal power, will and positive emotional expression. Its useful if you feel: oversensitive or too open to others, or have a sense of vulnerability, lack of self worth or issues with personal boundaries, anger or emotional neediness.

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One of the keys to successfully negotiating this trend is the ability to remain grounded, centred and aware so that we can more easily stay connected to our core being and inner knowing.

Here are some Essence Suggestions that focus on combinations to help with some of the more common issues that might make this difficult for us to achieve.


There are not too many people who would attempt to build a house without first creating adequate foundations for it. However, when it comes to ourselves this simple necessity is often overlooked, especially when we feel under some sort of external pressure. If you easily feel knocked off course, can’t decide what to do or generally feel unsafe and disorientated in life then it is possible that you need to strengthen your energetic foundations before you move forward. Check out Base Chakra, Feet Chakra, Being Present and Earth Star for support with this.

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Positive Personal Boundaries

Now let’s look at the issue of staying centred in your own energy. This is much easier when you have adequate foundations to rely on, however even with these in place it can be difficult to maintain positive personal boundaries if you believe that the resources you need in life are provided by those around you, rather than coming from within yourself.

Yarrow Flower

This belief is very common and creates an unconscious tendency to ‘lean’ outside of our own energy field, making it very difficult to hear and follow your own inner direction. It also means that we easily get distracted by any drama or upset that might be happening around us. Consider a Solar Plexus Chakra combination, Auric Protection Spray, Letting Go,  Balance or Inner Strength combination to help with this.


Then we have the all-important issue of awareness. Awareness is that calm quiet state of alert, inner knowing that lies beneath the noise of our everyday mind and emotions, within the sanctuary of the heart chakra. There are many essences that might be helpful to promote greater awareness, so here are a few of the most obvious ones to give you a few ideas. Choose either Emotional Body or Mental Body to help reduce interference from everyday thoughts and emotions. Then we have Heart Chakra, Inner Wisdom, Inner Focus, Stillness or I Am Presence to help you connect more deeply with your own inner awareness.



Choosing Your Essence – if there is a specific issue that you would like help with that has not been mentioned above, please use our Essence Selector or give us a call/ email for some help and advice.


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