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The Importance of Staying Focussed

Poppy Flower

The lovely Poppy Flower Essence is a good Essence for grounding and staying focussed.

The energy flow over the coming twelve months contains plenty of creative opportunity, as well as some potentially disruptive volatility. If we are to use the energies to our best advantage it will be important for us to stay firmly focussed on following the path that feels most important for us, regardless of what might or might not be going on around us.

Weaving your own path

Numerologically, 2017 is a number one year, which is a time for new beginnings and opportunities. The energy flow for the year could not be more supportive of this, containing as it does some highly creative, energetic configurations. This kind of energy flow will manifest anything we put our attention on very easily so it is particularly important that we take time to review what we would like to create, and then focus on the path that we have set out for ourselves. 

Without this focus it could be all too easy to find ourselves being pushed along by outside influences instead of weaving our own path from a place of inner knowing.

Avoiding Distractions – Staying Focussed

There are a lot of conflicting energies and chaotic events taking place in the world right now. However, to a very large extent these really have nothing to do with us unless we allow ourselves to get distracted by the drama of what is playing out. If instead, we choose to stay focussed in an empowered space of non-engagement we will be able to quietly and consciously weave the threads of a new picture into the tapestry of life, a picture that resonates with Aquarian Age values of unity, sharing and right human relationships. This new picture is constantly being added to through the everyday efforts of people all around the world who are making a conscious choice to live in their own light, love and truth. Eventually the new picture will become so vibrant that the old picture will simply fade away, but only if we stay focussed on consciously weaving the threads that are ours to weave.

Unpicking Old Threads

Tangled Threads

Since we are in the early stages of replacing an old picture with a new one the chances are good that we will come up against some old threads in the tapestry of life that must be unpicked before we can replace them with new more appropriate ones. When this happens remember to stay focussed, breath and allow so that you can simply Let Go, the energies of the moment will be only too happy to support you through the process. If you find yourself in need of extra support then look carefully at the threads in your picture you are reluctant to unpick and enlist the help of some appropriate Flower, Gem & Crystal essence combinations to help you move on more easily.

Crystal Herbs

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