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Waking up in the Aquarian Age


February and the Energies of Aquarius

Acclimatising to the new energy flow during January proved to be both challenging and rewarding and now as we move into February there is a sense of excitement and new potential in the air, beckoning us all forward to explore further. If this seems a little daunting recognise that you will be well supported by the planetary influences this month in any efforts to make changes in old patterns and ways of being that you might choose to make.

The prevailing energetic influence during the greater part of February comes to us from the constellation of Aquarius, represented in astrology by the symbol of the water bearer. There is no doubt that this is an influence that we need to pay particular attention to, both now and in the future. We are now fully in the Age of Aquarius, so not only can we expect to experience a magnification of Aquarian energy during February while the sun is in Aquarius, we can also expect that this energy will remain a consistent and potent influence on Earth for the next 2000 years. We have of course been feeling the growing influence of Aquarian energy for sometime now. Gradually the airy and expansive qualities of Aquarius have been stimulating the awakening of higher consciousness, bringing to the fore the spiritual values of unity, sharing and brotherhood. Now in 2013 with a new patterning for life in place on our planet the inspirational influence of Aquarius is pushing us to incorporate these important humanitarian principles into our everyday lives, creating fundamental change and a new way of being that will be for the collective good of humanity as a whole.


Waking up in the Aquarian Age

You will probably have noticed over the last month that many of your old issues and patterns seem more fluid and accessible in your awareness. You may also be experiencing an increased amount of physical cleansing as the cellular level of the body releases old patterning that you no longer need. Along with all of these things there is a subtle yet distinct change in perspective as though you can now see things from a vantage point not previously available to you. Welcome to the Aquarian Age! These are all signs of the rapid awakening that is currently going on within all of us and it is important that we pay close attention to these changes so that we can make a conscious choice to step out of the old habitual patterns of behaviour that are part of the old structure of reality we are moving away from. The patterning for life has changed but our habits will still keep us in the old energy if we do not pay attention.

One particular area of focus that seems to be particularly relevant right now is the need to learn to function fully within our own energetic space, giving ourselves full permission to follow the guidance that comes to us from within. Many are experiencing an uncomfortable clash as old habits try to obstruct their inner knowing that they need to make significant changes to their lives. Many of these old habits are based around the belief that to stay ‘safe’ we must fit in with what those around us want. In childhood this is what most of us choose to do because there was no opportunity to do anything different, this was simply the way life seemed to work. Almost unconsciously we learned to pattern ourselves to what was happening around us, living almost exclusively from the outside in, never fully developing our own personal power. Feelings of powerlessness, frustration, anger, fear, lack of self-value and difficulties with personal responsibility are all part of this dysfunctional patterning. If you are particularly sensitive in this area you may notice that you have a tendency to scan your environment through your solar plexus chakra to check how safe it is, perhaps taking it upon yourself as a duty to try to ‘fix’ any disharmonious energies you encounter before you feel comfortable. However, none of these learned behaviour patterns are compatible with the energetic patterning we now live within. In this new energy it is essential that we fully manage our own energetic field so that we can function as an individual, connected to the higher consciousness of our true self or soul. This is the Aquarian way. As you allow the light and love of your soul to flow more fully into your everyday environment the effect that you can have upon that environment will be transformational in so many ways, facilitating positive change for all.


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