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The Influence of Aries


The influence of Aries

The prevailing planetary influence for most of April comes to us from the constellation of Aries. The fiery, initiating qualities of Aries energy stimulates regeneration and renewal in all areas of life, both spiritually and physically. As the first sign in the zodiac the movement of the sun into Aries also marks the beginning of a new astrological year, again highlighting the opportunity for new beginnings. This year there is a particularly potent gathering of planets joining the sun in Aries during the first weeks of April, so we are unlikely to be able to ignore the powerful force of Aries energy pushing us forward in some area of our lives this month.

Aries energy is wonderful, creative energy that we can use to initiate or enhance projects but it can feel a little overpowering if we have not got clarity on the direction we wish our lives to go in. This is an issue for many right now because the energies post 21st December 2012 are offering us a freedom of choice that we have yet to recognise and utilise fully. In this space we are the creators and must learn to shape the opportunities according to our hearts desire rather than relying on the old programs that no longer work.

The Opportunity in Aries

Often described as the ‘birthplace of ideas’, Aries focuses the flow of energy from the higher mind, the mind of the Creator, and will bring into greater awareness any issues associated with how we choose to use the powerful medium of thought. Any creation, wanted or unwanted, is initiated through the power of thought whether consciously or unconsciously. In the focussed flow of Aries energy this month we will be stimulated to align with the evolutionary thought forms of the collective higher mind so that we are contributing to the co creation of a new collective reality. So this could be a month of great clarity and direction if we can stay out of the everyday mind with its conditioned responses and linking emotional issues. However, this may require some focus and attention because of course Arian energies will also tend to stimulate the lower mind and activate any old thought forms or beliefs that stand in the way of our expanding consciousness. If this is your experience at any time this month simply remember to take a breath, detach and observe what is happening, allow the old energies space to release and focus on thoughts that will allow a new manifestation.


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