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The Heart Connection Set: Connecting With Unconditional Love

With the Christmas season only a matter of a few short weeks away we thought we would take the opportunity to use this month’s Essence Review to highlight one of our Special Christmas Offers. We would particularly like to draw your attention to our Heart Connection Set, a special set of ten essences focussed on helping you to expand your experience of unconditional love, something that will be particularly important for all of us in the coming weeks.

Unconditional Love

Unconditional love is our true nature and is always to be found deep within our own heart centres. However many of us have forgotten how to connect with the nurturing, nourishing vibrations of unconditional love within, because we have been so conditioned to search for love outside of ourselves. In so doing we have lost sight of our essential divine nature and forgotten how to use our power as co creators with the universe. The last few weeks of 2012 will be a particularly potent energetic opportunity for us to realign with the unconditional love of our true self. The key to this will be our ability to open our hearts and to be willing to receive the great flow of light and love that will become available to us as Earth comes fully into alignment with the galactic core, the heart centre of our universe, during the period of the December solstice.

The Heart Connection Set

The Heart Connection Set contains all the essences that you might need to support you over this very special time. All ten essences work in the heart but each has a particular focus of support so choose the ones that most resonate with you to use first. For instance Fuchsia is a particularly good essence to help promote the quick release of any painful emotional issues that might be blocking the heart, while Heartfelt Forgiveness and Purity of Heart will respectively help to promote the ability to forgive and encourage greater self-value. Choose Open to Receive to help release underlying issues that block your ability to open your heart to fully receive abundance of all kinds. Either Heart Chakra, Awakening the Heart or Ruby will support the release of those deep-seated emotionally painful issues that can contribute to the creation of defensive barriers around the heart. Select the Inner Wisdom combination to connect you more fully with the loving wisdom of your soul or choose the Angel of Love or the Unconditional Love combination to deepen your connection with the radiant unconditional love of your true self.


The Heart Connection Set is available here




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