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Seven Flower Essences for Empaths

White Bluebell flowers on a green background

Are you highly sensitive to other people’s emotions and energy? Do you intuitively know things without anyone telling you? Chances are you’re an empath.

How to tell if you’re an empath

Empaths process the world through their intuitive senses and are very aware of hidden energies and emotions. They sense other people’s emotions energetically and understand exactly how somebody is feeling. They are naturally sensitive and nurturing and make great listeners so often find themselves holding space for others. They also pick up on the energies in their environment and may get ‘bad vibes’ in particular places or feel overwhelmed by crowds. Does this sound like you?

Many people who take flower essences are empaths, and while the ability to empathise with others means you feel beauty and connection very deeply, the flipside can be feeling the pain of the world and being unable to filter out other people’s emotions and energies.

What are common issues for empaths?

  • Feeling like an emotional sponge and being unable to differentiate between other people’s emotions and your own.
  • Becoming overwhelmed and energetically drained in crowds or around other people.
  • Finding cities and busy events stressful and too harsh, noisy and jarring to cope with.
  • Difficulty putting down clear boundaries with family, friends, and colleagues.
  • Feeling responsible for trying to make things better for other people or for healing the world because you can feel what is out of balance so keenly.
  • Being unable to empathise others without feeling swamped by their negative emotions yourself.
  • A hidden belief that other people’s needs are more important than your own.

If you resonate with any of these, then we have 7 wonderful flower essences that will help you to enjoy the benefits of energetic sensitivity without feeling overwhelmed by the challenges of being so open. Read our essence suggestions if you want to learn how to stay in your energetic space and honour your own needs and boundaries while caring about others in a healthy empowered way.

Bach Flower Remedies for Empaths

Firstly, we recommend two Bach Flower Remedies that work particularly well for empaths. Bach Flower Remedies can be taken individually or in a personalised combination bottle. They are also very supportive for sensitive children who quickly feel the benefits. 

Walnut Bach Flower Remedy to Filter Out Negativity

Walnut Bach Flower Remedy bottles

Do you sometimes feel like you have a layer of skin missing? You feel too raw, open and sensitive to what is going on around you?

Walnut offers a delicate shell of protection that keeps you safe within your energy field, filtering out the harsh vibrations that can feel so shattering. Think of walnut as an invisibility cloak made from delicate golden light. When you take walnut flower essence it offers you the protection to stay open, while filtering out negativity so you will feel strong and resilient within your own energy field.

Walnut Flower Remedy: best choice for releasing feelings of vulnerability so you will feel strong and centred in your own energy.


Mimulus Bach Flower Remedy to Soothe Your Senses

Do you feel hyper-sensitive to your environment, stressed by bright light and loud noises?

Many sensitive people are absorbing high levels of sensory information that they’re unable to filter out which creates low-level energetic noise in the system. If you find that you get overstimulated by sensory information like loud noises, music, conversation, bright lights and need time alone to recover, then mimulus will be a great choice for you.

Mimulus Flower Remedy: best choice to help you cope with the cacophony of life without feeling so sensitive to your environment.


Deep Acting Flower & Crystal Essences For Empaths

While Bach Flower Remedies work very well to alleviate the feelings that can make sensitivity difficult to live with, we usually recommend that adults work with deeper acting essences alongside or instead of Bach Flower Remedies. These deeper acting essences get under the surface to clear the more crystallised emotions, thoughts, patterns, and beliefs that can cause difficulties for empaths.

Auric Protection Combination for Healthy Boundaries

Auric Protection Essence is a great choice if your boundaries feel weak and it’s difficult for you to stay centred in your own energy. Perhaps you pick up on subtle energies in your environment, feel psychically attacked, or get absorbed in other people’s thoughts, emotions and priorities.

On an energetic level, this indicates that your energy field is too open and diffuse which means you are merging with what’s happening around you instead of staying in your own personal space.  Sensitive people are often so open and connected to the collective that it’s a challenge to define their energetic boundary and stand in their own space. 

When you are energetically very open, it’s common to get overwhelmed or feel under attack from other people’s thought forms. It can also be difficult to know which emotions are yours in emotionally charged situations, and you may get energetically drained in crowds.

Use Auric Protection to help strengthen your auric field so you can define your own energetic space, create healthy boundaries, and feel less sensitive to other people’s thoughts and emotions. This popular combination comes in a dropper bottle for oral use and a spray version to use in your energy field in any situations where you lose your centre. 

Auric Protection Essence: best choice for strengthening your auric field and creating healthy boundaries.

Auric Protection Spray: best choice for quick relief in those challenging dynamics where you want to strengthen your auric field and boundaries.


White Bluebell for When You Experience Other People’s Emotions as Your Own

White Bluebell Flowers

Choose White Bluebell essence if you are acutely and uncomfortably aware of other people’s thoughts and emotions and experience them as though they are your own. You might get very upset when somebody tells you about something sad that’s happened to them or are unable to switch off emotionally after watching news coverage of highly charged events.

White Bluebell provides a cloak of protection which will bring the unconscious reasons why you can’t separate yourself from other people’s energy into your awareness so you can create healthy personal boundaries. It helps you to stay in your own energetic bubble instead of moving into other people’s energetic spaces so you won’t be as sensitive to what they are thinking and feeling.  It’s a great choice for you if you have taken essences from Dr Bach’s over-sensitivity group: Agrimony, Centaury, Holly and Walnut since it’s the deeper acting Karmic essence for that group.

White Bluebell Essence: best choice if you feel other people’s thoughts and emotions as though they’re your own.


Solar Plexus Chakra Combination for Positive Personal Power

A balanced Solar Plexus Chakra provides the foundation for positive personal power and healthy energetic boundaries. If your Solar Plexus chakra is not functioning well you will experience feelings of over-sensitivity and vulnerability because you’re too open to other people’s thoughts and feelings and other negative psychic impressions.

Do you ever experience feelings of unease and discomfort in the solar plexus chakra area of your stomach? The solar plexus chakra gets out of balance when your positive personal boundaries, personal will, power, and self-worth need to be strengthened.  Solar Plexus combination will help to strengthen your self-worth and personal power so you will stay in your own centre and feel confident about establishing healthy boundaries.

Solar Plexus Combination: best choice for personal power and balanced emotions.


Inner Child Protected Combination For Sensitivity from Childhood

People who have been sensitive since childhood often take on the role of the emotional barometer in the home from a young age, feeling family dynamics at an unconscious energetic level. In addition, some children develop heightened sensitivity to protect themselves from threats they perceive in the environment while they’re growing up. If this is true for you, you may have noticed that this results in hyper-vigilance to other people’s moods which prevents you from staying fully centred in your own energy.

Inner Child Protected Combination will help you to release over-sensitivity to the emotional energies of other people and is particularly helpful if this has been an issue for you since childhood. It’s also a great choice if you have healing and psychic gifts but tend to close down your intuitive side because you’re scared of being affected by other people’s energies. This essence helps you to become more centred in your own energy so you will feel less affected by what is going on around you. 

Inner Child Protected: best choice if you’ve felt very sensitive since childhood.


Yarrow – Mixed to Strengthen Your Aura

Yarrow flowers in a bowl with 7 flower essences for empaths text

On an energetic level, yarrow flower essence repairs and strengthens your aura which is the interface between your personal energy and the rest of the world. Yarrow helps you to develop a strong sense of your own personal energy field and individuality so you recognise when you’re experiencing your own feelings and when you’re being affected by other people’s energy. Yarrow essence brings the focus of your awareness into your own energy field so you can stay centred without losing your sensitivity and awareness of others.

Pink Yarrow is especially good if you consider yourself to be an empath or feel particularly sensitive to the negative thoughts and emotions of others. It is useful if you find boundaries difficult in relationships and over-empathise with others. Pink yarrow promotes the healthy connection that comes from compassionate detachment without merging emotionally with other people.

White Yarrow helps to shield you from energetic impurities in the environment. It is particularly helpful if you regularly use a computer, mobile phone or WIFI technology, or if you live in a built-up area, don’t have access to nature, live close to electricity pylons, mobile phone masts, geopathic stress, radiation or 5G.
Yarrow – Mixed Flower Essence is a mix of both white and pink yarrow.

Yarrow – Mixed: best choice to repair and strengthen your aura and provide protection from negative influences of all kinds.

Staying Open, Connected & Compassionate

Healthy empathy is a quality that is much needed in the world so it’s important that those of us who are sensitive find ways to stay open, connected and compassionate without getting energetically overwhelmed or absorbed in other people’s business.

We hope these suggestions will help you to choose the best flower essences to help you stay centred in your own energy field, establish clear boundaries, and enjoy the gifts that come from being a healthy, empowered empath.

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